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Map of Rwanda

Map of Rwanda.
flag of Rwanda


Relations with New Zealand

The bilateral relationship with Rwanda is relatively minimal, with engagement occurring mainly in multilateral forums such as the Commonwealth and the United Nations. We enjoyed a particularly close period of cooperation with Rwanda in 1994, when both countries served on the United Nations Security Council and New Zealand took a strong stance in urging UN action to end the Genocide in Rwanda.

New Zealand supported Rwanda’s bid to become the 54th member of the Commonwealth in 2009, in recognition of Rwanda’s progress towards economic and political stability since the 1994 genocide.

New Zealand contributed NZ$1 million to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) for its humanitarian work in the central African region in 2011. The New Zealand contribution was available for use in several countries, including Rwanda. 


Key facts


Official Name - République du Rwanda (Republic of Rwanda)
Land Area -
26,338 square kilometres
Population - 11.3m (2012 estimate, IMF)
Capital City  - Kigali
Religion - Catholic (56%), Protestant (26%), Adventist (11%), Muslim (4.6%)
Language - English, French and Kinyarwanda
Currency - Rwandan franc (Rwfr)
Exchange Rate - NZ$1 = 490 Rwfr (March 2012)


Political system -Unitary Republic
National government - Appointed by the President in September 2010
National legislature - National Assembly, with 80 members: 53 directly elected and 27 indirectly elected by representatives of special interest groups; Senate, with 24 members: 16 indirectly elected and eight appointed by the president
Last election - Legislative – September 2008, Presidential – August 2010
Next election due - Legislative – September 2015, Presidential – August 2017
Head of State -The president, elected by universal suffrage to a second and seven-year term in August 2010 – Paul Kagame
Key Ministers - Prime Minister - Pierre Damien Habumuremyi
Minister of Trade and Industry - Francois Kanimba
Foreign Minister - Louise Mushikiwabo
Defence Minister - General James Kabarebe
Main political parties - Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF), Parti démocrate centriste (PDC), Parti Libéral (PL), Parti social démocrate (PSD), Ideal Democratic Party (IDP)


GDP - US$ 6.0 billion
Real GDP growth - 8.8%
Exports - US$ 373 million
Imports - US$ 1.37 billion
Current account balance - US$ -710 million
Inflation - 3.9%   

New Zealand Trade [2]

NZ Exports (FOB) - NZ$0.0 million
Main Exports - N/A
NZ Imports (CIF) - NZ$.086 million
Main Imports -Vegetable saps and extracts

[1] All figures are 2011 estimates taken from the Economist Intelligence Unit, Rwanda country report, February 2012.

[2] All figures are taken from the Global Trade Atlas, December 2011.top of page



Trade with Rwanda is of a very low level, currently less than NZ$100,000 annually.



There have been no high level visits in recent years.



New Zealand does not currently have accredited relations with Rwanda.
The Embassy of Rwanda in Tokyo is accredited to New Zealand.


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