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Map of Hungary

Map of Hungary.
flag of the Republic of Hungary.


Bilateral relationship

New Zealand's relationship with Hungary is friendly and based largely on people-to-people links. New Zealand has a small community of Hungarians (around 1,400) many of whom arrived as refugees following the 1956 revolution.

Although links with Hungary are not extensive in comparison with the larger EU member states, there is a steady level of interesting bilateral projects between New Zealand and Hungary, spanning a range of areas, including education, science, investment, environment and cultural development. New Zealand visitors are warmly received in Budapest, and the growing number of business, immigration and tourism enquiries with New Zealand's Honorary Consul in Budapest reflect further growth potential in the bilateral relationship.

New Zealand and Hungary have signed a Working Holiday Scheme Arrangement, which is expected to enter into force in April 2013. The Arrangement will allow up to 100 young people to stay for up to a year in the other country to holiday, study and work.

New Zealand has also begun negotiations with Hungary on a social security agreement, with the expectation that negotiations will be completed by the end of 2012.


Key facts


Land Area: 93,030 sq km
Population: 10.0 million (2011)
Capital City: Budapest
Language: Magyar (Hungarian)


Political system: Parliamentary republic
National government: majority centre-right Fidesz party, in coalition with the Christian Democratic People's Party (KDNP).
National legislature: National Assembly of 386 seats with four year term; Council of Ministers headed by the Prime Minister; President elected by parliament for a five year term
Last election: April 2010 (parliamentary); May 2012(presidential)
Next election due: April 2014 (parliamentary); May 2017(presidential)
Head of State: President Janos Ader, elected to a five-year term by parliament on May 2nd 2012
Head of Government: Prime Minister Viktor Orban (May 2010)

Economic (2011)

GDP: US$140 billion
Real GDP growth: 1.7 %
Exports: US$107 billion
Main exports: machinery and equipment, other manufactures, food products
Imports: US$101.5 billion
Current Account Balance: $2.06 billion
Inflation: 3.9%
Unemployment: 10.9%

New Zealand Trade (2011)

NZ Exports (FOB): NZ$9 million
Main Exports: galvanised steel roofing, tarmac, electrical machinery, medical instruments
NZ Imports (CIF): NZ$100 million
Main Imports: electrical machinery, machinery, wooden casks/barrels, pharmaceuticals.

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New Zealand Official Visits to Hungary

Hungarian Visits to New Zealand




Travel advice

The Safe Travel website provides a travel advisory for travellers to Hungary [external link].

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