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Map of Malta

Map of Malta.
flag of Malta.


Bilateral relationship

The bilateral relationship is warm, based largely on the Commonwealth connection and our common island status, although Malta faces a different set of issues, being roughly the size of Stewart Island but with one-tenth the population of New Zealand.  EU accession has made Malta a more important partner for New Zealand.

While the Maltese community in New Zealand is very small (363 - unlike Australia where it is greater than the number on the island) a number of Maltese have studied in New Zealand under Commonwealth Scholarships. There has been contact in recent years amongst Maltese and New Zealand officials in public finance and in the setting up of an Ombudsman's office in Malta. The working holiday scheme, signed in May 2004, provides opportunity for increased contact between the two countries. top of page

Key facts


Land Area 316 sq km: the islands include Malta (246 sq km), Gozo (67) and Comino (3)
Population 0.41 million (2011)
Capital City Valletta


Political system Parliamentary republic
National government Nationalist Party (PN)
National legislature Unicameral House of Representatives
Last election January 2009 (President), March 2008 (parliament)
Next Election April 2014 (President) March 2013 (Parliament)
Head of State President George Abela (elected by parliament in April 2009)
Head of Government Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi (since 2004)

Economic (2011)

GDP US$8.999 billion
Real GDP growth 2.1%
Exports US$3.64 billion
Imports US$4.86 billion
Main exports Electrical machinery, mechanical appliances, fish and crustaceans, pharmaceutical products, printed material
Current account balance US$ -269 million
Inflation 2.4%

New Zealand Trade (year to December 2011)

NZ Exports (FOB) NZ$7 million
Main Exports Sheep meat, beef, pharmaceuticals, fruit and nuts
NZ Imports (CIF) NZ$ 3 million
Main Imports Glasses frames, medical and surgical instrumentstop of page


New Zealand Ministerial Visits to Malta

Maltese Ministerial Visits to New Zealand



Travel advice

The Safetravel website provides a travel advisory for travellers to Malta [external link].

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