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Map of Netherlands

Map of Netherlands.
flag of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

The Netherlands

New Zealand's relationship with the Netherlands

New Zealand and the Netherlands share many linkages. Many Dutch people are aware that their compatriots were the first Europeans to sight New Zealand, in 1642, and that New Zealand was named after the southern Dutch province of Zeeland.

New Zealand, along with Australia and Canada, was a favourite destination for Dutch immigrants after WW2. These immigrants were mainly from agricultural backgrounds and settled across the length and breadth of New Zealand. These family linkages, combined with an ongoing strong Dutch interest in New Zealand culture and scenery were principal reasons why around 23,000 tourists from the Netherlands visit New Zealand each year. 

Trade between the Netherlands and New Zealand is moderate, but the Netherlands is the second largest European investor into New Zealand, reflecting its strong agricultural traditions and the presence in the Netherlands of some important multinationals (e.g. Shell, Unilever, and Rabobank). The Netherlands' strategic location within Europe, a population with strong language and entrepreneurial skills, quality infrastructure, and an open and outward looking economy combine to make it an attractive "Gateway to Europe" for New Zealand companies.top of page

Key facts


Land Area    41,526 sq km
Population   16.7million (2011)
Capital City  Amsterdam (The Hague is the seat of government)
Language     Dutch, Frisian


Political system Constitutional Monarchy
National government Coalition of Liberals (VVD) and Labour (PvdA)
National legislature  Bi-cameral parliament 
Last election  June 2010
Next election due September 2016
Head of State  King Willem-Alexander (acceded to the throne in 2013) 
Head of Government  Prime Minister Mark Rutte (since October 2010)

Economic (2011 figures)

GDP US$840.8 billion
Real GDP growth 0.3%
Exports US$551.9 billion
Imports US$493.1 billion 
Main exports Machinery, transport equipment, chemicals, fuels, foodstuffs
Current account balance US$65.7 billion
Inflation   2.3%
Unemployment 5.2%

New Zealand Trade (year ended June 2011)

NZ Exports (FOB) NZ$564 million
Main Exports sheep meat, apples, aluminium, seeds
NZ Imports (CIF) NZ$322 million
Main Imports food preparations, vehicles, medicaments and animal feed

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New Zealand Visits to the Netherlands

The Netherlands Visits to New Zealand



Travel advice

The Safetravel website provides a travel advisory for travellers to the Netherlands [external link].

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