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Map of Romania

Map of Romania.
flag of Romania.


Bilateral relationship

New Zealand established full diplomatic relations with Romania in 1974.  The New Zealand Ambassador in Vienna was accredited to Romania until the Embassy closed in 1991; and the accreditation was resumed in 2007 by the New Zealand Ambassador in Brussels.  Romania maintained a post in New Zealand headed by a Charge d’Affairés until 1987, when it was closed for financial reasons.  The Romanian Ambassador in Canberra is now accredited to New Zealand, and Romania appointed an Honorary Consul in New Zealand in December 2003.

The bilateral relationship remains largely restricted to trade (although a number of New Zealand families adopted Romanian orphans during the 1990s).  New Zealand signed a Trade and Economic, Industrial and Technical Cooperation Agreement (TEITC) with Romania in 1979, but it has not been active since 1990.

New Zealand’s relations with Romania are cordial but slight. People-to-people flows have increased since New Zealand took the step of granting visa-free status to Romanian visitors (for visits of up to three months) on 30 July 2007, after Romania became a member of the European Union on 1 January 2007.


Key facts


Land Area 238, 391 sq km
Population 21.8 million (2012 est.)
Capital city Bucharest 
Languages Romanian; also Hungarian, Roma (Romani), German


Political system Parliamentary republic
National government Coalition of the Liberal Democratic Party, the Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania, and the Conservative party
National legislature Bicameral parliament: Senate (140 seats) and Chamber of Deputies (346 seats)
Last election December 2009 (presidential), November 2008 (legislative)
Next election November 2014 (presidential) and November 2012 (legislative)
Head of State President Traian Basescu (since 2004)
Head of Government Prime Minister Victor Ponta (since 7 May 2012)

Economic (2011)

GDP US$189.8 billion
Real GDP growth 2.5%
Exports US$62,678 million
Imports US$73,122 million
Main exports Machinery and transport equipment; textiles and products; base metals and products; minerals and fuels
Current account balance US$ -10,444 million
Inflation 5.8%
Unemployment 5.1%

New Zealand Trade

NZ Exports (FOB) NZ$5 million (year ended December 201)
Main Exports Hides and leather products, textiles, aluminium
NZ Imports (CIF) NZ$9 million
Main Imports Clothing, footwear, refrigeration equipment, machine tools
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New Zealand Official Visits to Romania

Romanian Official Visits to New Zealand

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The Romanian Embassy in Canberra is responsible for bilateral relations with New Zealand and Romania is represented in New Zealand by an Honorary Consul in Wellington.  The New Zealand Ambassador in Brussels will be accredited to Romania this year.


Travel advice

The Safetravel website provides a travel advisory for travellers to Romania [external link].

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