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Costa Rica

Relationship with New Zealand

The trade relationship between New Zealand and Costa Rica is dominated by the import and export of electrical equipment, in both directions. Costa Rica is also one of the principal Central American exporters of coffee to New Zealand, being the 12th largest market for New Zealand imports of coffee and the second in Central America. New Zealand and Costa Rica are both members of the United Nations (UN), the World Trade Organisation (WTO), the  Forum for East Asia – Latin America Cooperation (FEALAC) and the International Whaling Commission (IWC). New Zealand also engages with Costa Rica through SICA, the Central American Integration System (external link).

Trade in goods with New Zealand

NZ Exports (2014)                   NZ$3.3 million
Main exports                           Butter, plastics

NZ Imports (2014)                   NZ$25.2 million
Main imports                           Sugar, electronic integrated circuits and processors

Source: Statistics New Zealand (year to December 2014)top of page


In June 2013 the Special Envoy of the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Lucy Duncan, visited Costa Rica to attend the 41st SICA Summit in San José. New Zealand’s Ambassador for Disarmament, Dell Higgie, attended the Fifth Meeting of States Parties to the Convention on Cluster Munitions in San José in September 2014.

In February 2015, the Minister of Foreign Trade of Costa Rica, Alexánder Mora, visited Wellington and met with Minister of Trade Tim Groser and the Deputy Secretary for Asia and the Americas, Andrea Smith.


The New Zealand Embassy in Mexico City is accredited to Costa Rica(external link).

The Costa Rican Consulate-General in Sydney is responsible for New Zealand (external link).

Development assistance

Costa Rica is eligible for New Zealand Development Scholarships (NZDS). For more information visit the New Zealand Development Scholarships (external link)page on the New Zealand Embassy in Mexico website.

Costa Rica is also eligible for small-grant funding under the Head of Mission Fund (HOMF), administered by the New Zealand Embassy in Mexico City. The Head of Mission Fund is a modest grant-scheme to allow the Embassy to support activities that directly contribute to poverty elimination and that meet development needs.

Travel advice

The New Zealand Safe Travel website has comprehensive information including advice on travel to Costa Rica (external link).

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