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National Days

A National Day is the date on which a nation of non-sovereign country celebrates their nationhood. A National Day will often be declared a national holiday in the country the National Day occurs in.

National Days in January

1 January Cuba National Liberation Day
4 January Myanmar Independence Day (1948)
26 January Australia Day
26 January India Republic Day
31 January Nauru Independence Day

National Days in February

4 February Sri Lanka National Day
6 February New Zealand Waitangi Day (1840)
11 February Iran Victory of the Islamic Revolution
16 February Lithuania Independence Day (1918)
23 February Brunei Darussalam National Day
23 February Guyana Republic Day (1970)
24 February Estonia Independence Day (1918)
25 February Kuwait National Day

National Days in March

1 March Wales St David's Day
1 March Bosnia and Herzegovina Statehood Day
3 March Bulgaria National Day
6 March Ghana Independence Day
12 March Mauritius National Day
13 March Holy See Anniversary of the Election of His Holiness Pope Francis
17 March Ireland St Patrick’s Day
23 March Pakistan Day
25 March Greece National Day
26 March Bangladesh Independence Day and National Day

National Days in April

16 April Denmark Birthday of Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II
18 April Zimbabwe Independence Day
23 April England St George's Day
26 April Tanzania National Day
27 April South Africa Freedom Day
27 April Serbia and Montenegro Constitution Day
27 April Sierra Leone Independence Day
27 April Netherlands King's Day

National Days in May

1 May Marshall Islands National Day
3 May Poland National Day (1791)
9 May European Union Europe Day
10 May Israel Independence Day
17 May Norway Constitution Day (1814)
24 May Eritrea Independence Day
25 May Argentina National Day (formation of first Argentine Government in 1810)
25 May Jordan National Day

National Days in June

1 June Samoa Independence Day (1962)
2 June Italy Foundation of the Italian Republic (1946)
4 June Tonga Emancipation Day
6 June Sweden National Day
10 June Portugal National Day
12 June Philippines Independence Day
12 June Russia Sovereignty Day
17 June Iceland National Day (re-establishment of the Republic in 1944)
18 June Seychelles National Day
23 June Luxembourg National Day
25 June Slovenia National Day
25 June Croatia National Day

National Days in July

1 July Canada Day (1867)
4 July United States of America Independence Day (1776)
5 July Venezuela Independence Day (1811)
7 July Nepal National Day
7 July Solomon Islands Independence Day
9 July Argentina Independence Day
11 July Mongolia Day of People’s Revolution (1921)
12 July Kiribati Independence Day
14 July France Bastille Day (1789)
17 July Iraq National Day
20 July Colombia Independence Day
21 July Belgium National Day
23 July Arab Republic of Egypt National Day
26 July Maldives Independence Day
28 July Peru Independence Day (1821)
30 July Morocco The Day of Enthronement of His Majesty King Mohammed VI
30 July Vanuatu Independence Day

National Days in August

1 August Switzerland Confederation Day (1291)
4 August Cook Islands Constitution Day
6 August Bolivia Independence Day
6 August Jamaica Independence Day
9 August Singapore Independence Day
10 August Ecuador Independence Day
14 August Pakistan Independence Day (1947)
15 August India Independence Day (1947)
17 August Indonesia Independence Day (1945)
19 August Afghanistan Independence Day
20 August Hungary National Day
24 August Ukraine National Day
25 August Uruguay Independence Day (1825)
31 August Malaysia Independence Day
31 August Trinidad and Tobago Independence Day

National Days in September

1 September Libya The Great First of September Revolution
1 September Slovak Republic Constitution Day
2 September Socialist Republic of Viet Nam National Day
7 September Brazil Independence Day (1822)
9 September Democratic People's Republic of Korea Day of Founding (1948)
15 September Costa Rica Independence Day
15 September El Salvador National Day
15 September Nicaragua National Day
16 September Mexico Independence Day
16 September Papua New Guinea Independence Day
18 September Chile National Day
21 September Malta Independence Day
22 September Mali Independence Day
23 September Saudi Arabia National Day
30 September Botswana Day

National Days in October

1 October China Anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Republic of China
1 October Cyprus Independence Day
1 October Nigeria Independence Day
1 October Tuvalu Independence Day
3 October Germany Unification Day
3 October Korea National Foundation Day
4 October Lesotho National Day
10 October Fiji Independence Day
12 October Spain National Day
19 October Niue Constitution Day
24 October Zambia Independence Day
26 October Austria National Day
28 October Czech Republic National Day
29 October Turkey Republic Day

National Days in November

1 November Algeria National Day
3 November Federated States of Micronesia National Day
3 November Republic of Panama Independence Day
9 November Cambodia National Day
18 November Latvia Proclamation of Independence
18 November Oman National Day (His Majesty the Sultan's Birthday)
19 November Monaco National Day
22 November Lebanon Independence Day
28 November Albania Independencel Day (1912)
28 November Timor Leste Independence Day
30 November Scotland St Andrew's Day
30 November Barbados Independence Day

National Days in December

1 December Romania National Day
2 December Laos National Day (1975)
2 December United Arab Emirates National Day
5 December Thailand National Day (King’s Birthday)
6 December Finland Independence Day (1917)
12 December Kenya Independence Day
16 December Bahrain National Day
16 December Republic of Kazakhstan Independence Day
18 December Qatar National Day
23 December Japan Birthday of His Majesty the Emperor

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