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The United Nations

New Zealand in The United Nations

Multilateralism is a central pillar in New Zealand’s foreign policy. As a smaller player on the international stage, our economic and physical security depends on a properly functioning system of collective security, the international rule of law and dispute settlement. Through our multilateral diplomacy in general, and our engagement with the United Nations in particular, New Zealand seeks security, prosperity and the preservation of freedom, for itself and others.

We take pride in our reputation as a good international citizen, and remain committed to international burden sharing and seeking global solutions to global problems. However, New Zealand is not committed to multilateralism for the sake of it, but to multilateralism that works. We acknowledge that there are times when regional action may be more effective – not every problem needs to end up at the door of the United Nations. We also recognise that ongoing reform is necessary to ensure that the UN is operating effectively and efficiently, and in the best interests of all its members.


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