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Ministry Statements and Speeches 2009

The Fourth High Level Conference of the CERF

Statement given by H.E. Ambassador Jim McLay. 9 December 2009

New Zealand is committed to an effective and responsive humanitarian system; and believes the CERF makes a significant contribution to rapid and coordinated funding in the immediate aftermath of disasters.

Just as we value private sector involvement (and believe that should be encouraged), we support a stronger partnership between NGOs and UN agencies.

We are pleased that 2009 has seen further growth in CERF’s funding base, and hope this will be maintained in 2010; but we do note that, for the CERF to secure and maintain increased levels of funding, it must demonstrate maximum effectiveness and value for money, robust accountability and, tangible results.

Under Secretary General, I am pleased to advise that New Zealand will maintain its commitment to CERF with a $US 1 million contribution for 2010, thus reflecting our endorsement of what has been described as a “beautiful idea” - a critical component of effective and coordinated humanitarian response.

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