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Ministry Statements and Speeches 2009

UNDP/UNFPA Executive Board Annual Session: NZ intervention in response to UNFPA Executive Director’s statement

Statement by Vicki Poole, Multilateral Team Leader, NZAID, 27 May 2009

Thank you, Mr President, for the opportunity to respond to Ms. Obaidís considered and insightful report and as usual an inspirational statement

In recent years, UNFPA has made substantial progress in accountability and oversight, specifically the independence of the Division of Oversight Services, the establishment of the Audit Advisory Committee, quarterly monitoring of audit recommendations by the Executive Committee and the new evaluation policy.

We recognise that the time is opportune for UNFPA to consolidate the changes arising from integrating risk management into business processes and the reorganised structure. Our own experience of the re-structure has been very positive. We would like to highlight that we held our own In April we held our own trilateral meeting with the Asia and Pacific Regional Office in April. Its location in the region gives us a greater focus for working closer together in future.

Mr President

In the current environment, we are increasingly required to produce evidence of results. We therefore appreciate the examples of outcomes highlighted in the Executive Directorís report and would like to see an increasing focus at this level. In addition, we would also encourage UNFPA to consistently implement country office monitoring plans and expect that this would be achievable given the recent recruitment of regional M&E advisors. The partner survey is a worthy monitoring initiative and we hope that the countries selected will be representative of all regions, including the Pacific.

Thematically, the Executive Directorís report touches on a number of New Zealandís interests.

There is a reference to UNFPAís aim to address young peopleís multi -sectoral needs in poverty reduction strategies. Progress in this area appears slow yet we are mindful that the Pacific region is characterised by highly youthful populations and countries that are considered unlikely to achieve the MDGs.

New Zealand appreciates UNFPAís efforts (in collaboration with partners such as IPPF) to develop a tool on sexual and reproductive health and HIV linkages, as well as roll out of training in its utilisation, including in the Pacific.

We were also pleased to note the integration of ICPD in humanitarian assistance funding frameworks such as the CERF and the corresponding increase in UNFPA engagement in emergencies and humanitarian responses.

Mr President

In order to achieve a stable and predictable resource base, we intend to maintain our practice of making early payments, providing core, untagged funding and multi-year pledges to UNFPA in 2009 and beyond. New Zealand transfers funds in January every year.

Finally, Mr President, we would like to draw your attention to New Zealandís introduction of a resolution on Preventable Maternal Mortality, Morbidity and Human Rights at the forthcoming session of the Human Rights Council this June. We believe that the Human Rights Council can constructively raise awareness of the human rights implications of maternal mortality and morbidity. As Ms Obaid urged in her statement, we must all work together to address maternal health. We look forward to building wide cross-regional support for this resolution over the coming weeks

In conclusion, we thank Ms Obaid for her report on progress in implementing the strategic plan and note here our support for extending the term the strategic plan to 2013 in line with resolution 63/232. Accordingly, we agree that the timeframe for the mid term review should also be extended.

Thank you, Mr President.

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