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Ministry Statements and Speeches 2010

Agenda item 140 Administration of Justice at the United Nations

Statement on behalf of CANZ by Ms Alice Revell, Second Secretary/ Legal Adviser , 6 October 2010

Madam Chair

I have the honour to speak on behalf of Canada, Australia and my own country, New Zealand.  We thank the Secretary-General for his report.  We also appreciate the thoughtful contribution of the Internal Justice Council.

CANZ has been a long-standing advocate for a fair and effective system of internal administration of justice for the United Nations.  The United Nations promotes respect for individual rights and the rule of law.  We see it as essential that the United Nations’ own practices reflect these values.  The UN administration of justice system must also have the trust of employees, UN administrators and member States.

We are pleased to note that the new system of administration of justice at the UN has been in place and functioning now for just over a year.  CANZ appreciates the progress made in putting the new system into operation, as well as the work done by the United Nations Dispute Tribunal and United Nations Appeals Tribunal in the expeditious handling of their caseloads and developing their working methods. The efforts made by the Office for the Administration of Justice should also be acknowledged.

Madam Chair

It is timely to look at what we have learnt during the first year of operation of the new system, and to consider what modifications or developments may be needed to ensure it continues to operate smoothly.  In this connection, we note that the Secretary-General has identified a range of issues on which he considers further decisions, guidance and resources from member states are required.  We will study these recommendations carefully, as will our colleagues in the Fifth Committee.

CANZ welcomes the initiative taken by the United Nations Office of the Under-Secretary-General for Management in compiling a regular publication entitled “Lessons learned from the jurisprudence of the system of administration of justice: a guide for managers”.  This publication will help to ensure the new UN system of justice is operated in a fair and effective manner when decisions are taken that impact on the rights of staff members.

CANZ looks forward to working with other delegations during this review to ensure that the new UN system of administration of justice is the fair, effective and efficient system we intended it to be.

Thank you.


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