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Ministry Statements and Speeches 2013

New Zealand Statement to the Seventh High Level Conference of the Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF)

Statement delivered by H.E. Mr Jim McLay, Permanent Representative of New Zealand 13 December 2013

Mr President -

New Zealand’s endorses the Central Emergency Response Fund as a critical component of effective, coordinated humanitarian response.

We applaud its flexibility to intervene early, and to help with low profile, underfunded emergencies.

This has been particularly evident this year.

We know that, this year, a growing number of people around the world were in need, and that humanitarian operations are struggling to meet the demand.

The Emergency Response Coordinator allocated the most ever funding this year, with an unprecedented proportion going to underfunded emergencies.

New Zealand remains committed to an effective and responsive humanitarian system, and it’s our view that CERF plays an integral role in this.

CERF adds value because it is based on need and evidence from the field – and the resulting credibility means there is a high level of political ownership with two-thirds of all UN member states contributing to CERF.

We also regard CERF as an excellent example of partnership with the private sector.

The rapidly widening base of contributors has a high value in the current times of constraint.

The wide donor base is a clear reminder of the willingness of all States to assist each other in times of crisis.

Mr President –

New Zealand will increase its previous multi-year contribution to CERF from NZD 6 million to NZD 9 million (approximately USD 7.2 million) – that is 3 million dollars annually for 2014, 2015 and 2016.

This reflects New Zealand’s endorsement of the Central Emergency Response Fund as a critical component of an effective and coordinated humanitarian response.


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