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Ministry Statements and Speeches 2014

UNDP/UNFPA/UNOPS Board Second Regular Session: UNDP Segment.

Statement by Ms Stephanie Lee, Chargé d'Affaires., 27 January 2014.

Mr President

This Board session marks the first month of UNDP’s new strategic plan, based on the simultaneous pursuit of economic growth, environmental sustainability and social equity.

We believe the global task for the next decade is to ensure that development is sustainable, inclusive and equitable.

New Zealand regards gender equality as central to this task. We are impressed with the extensive collaboration throughout 2013 with UN-Women, UNFPA and UNICEF to ensure strategic policy coherence and alignment with the QCPR, including on the development of the next gender equality strategy for 2014-2017.

One area, however, in which greater alignment with the QCPR could be strengthened is that of disability mainstreaming, to reflect the linkages made in the QCPR between disability and development.

Mr President

New Zealand will be aligning itself with more detailed statements by delegations on specific  agenda items, so we wish to make only a few brief points, including  on two programme documents before us – the Global Programme and the Asia and Pacific Regional Programme. New Zealand appreciates efforts by UNDP to consult with States on both programme documents.

First, we see the Global Programme as providing many benefits in tackling global issues by drawing on a pool of evidence, knowledge and expertise that goes beyond a single country or region. One such issue is addressing the social and economic development challenges posed by non-communicable diseases. New Zealand looks forward to working with UNDP, and other funds and programmes, in these efforts in the context of the post-2015 development agenda.  

Secondly, New Zealand commends UNDP for the Regional programme document for Asia and the Pacific, 2014-2017.  We are pleased to see the greater attention given to the Pacific region in later versions, and to the promotion of the rights of women, persons with disability and excluded groups. We also welcome the strong focus on national ownership, capacity strengthening and on partnerships.

New Zealand supports UNDP’s regional work on gender-based violence – implemented with UN-Women, UNFPA and UN-Volunteers – as a key element to inform policy and programming for preventing gender-based violence in individual programme countries, as well as those of various sub-regional and regional bodies.

Thirdly, New Zealand also commends UNDP for the quality of the Evaluation Plan before this session. We welcome the increased emphasis being placed on impact evaluation and encourage UNDP to continue to accord priority to this, including ensuring that the necessary baselines and indicators are in place.

Mr President

Fourthly, as Head of the Delegation for the successful field visit to Tajikistan, I’d like to underscore how useful these visit are for Board members to see what UNDP is doing in the “real world” outside New York, and how successful initiatives at the country level might be scaled up elsewhere.

Finally Mr President

As always New Zealand stands ready to support the UNDP Administrator and her staff in the implementation of the strategic plan 2014-17.   

In recognition of UNDP’s role as leader of the global development system, and in addition to non-core funding, New Zealand will be contributing $NZ 24 million (approximately US$ 20 million), in core-funding for the period 2014-16, towards the implementation of the strategic plan.

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