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Strengthening Rules for International Trade

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Strengthening Trade Rules

Transparency in the World Trade Organisation

Individuals, companies and governments involved in trade and investment need to know as much as possible about the conditions of trade in the countries they want to deal with. Increased transparency is a feature of many WTO agreements.


Policies that aid certainty and predictability in trade

The following policies aid certainty and predictability about trading conditions:

Trade policy reviews

The frequency of reviews depends on the country’s size:

2010 reviews

In 2010 the following countries will be reviewed: Croatia, Armenia, Albania, China, Malawi, Chinese Taipei, The Gambia, Honduras, United States of America, Benin, Burkina Faso and Mali, Sri Lanka, Belize, Papua New Guinea, Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Hong Kong, China..

New Zealand was last reviewed in 2009.

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