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Treaties and International Law

Convention for the Prohibition of Fishing with Long Driftnets in the South Pacific

Current status of the Convention

Date of Adoption

24 November 1989

Place of Adoption

Wellington, New Zealand

Date of Entry into Force

17 May 1991

Membership (States Eligible to become Party)

Open for signature (subject to ratification) by:

Open for accession by any of the above mentioned


English, French

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List of Participating States 
(as at 01/08/1999)




Entry into Force

New Zealand 29/11/1989 17/05/1991 17/05/1991
Australia 02/02/1990 06/07/1992 06/07/1992
Cook Islands 29/11/1989 24/01/1990 17/05/1991
Fiji 11/08/1993 18/01/1994 18/01/1994
France 30/04/1990
Fed. States of Micronesia 29/11/1989 20/12/1990 17/05/1991
Kiribati 13/02/1990 10/01/1992 10/01/1992
Marshall Islands 29/11/1989
Nauru 13/02/1990 14/10/1992 14/10/1992
Niue 29/11/1989 09/06/1997 09/06/1997
Palau 29/11/1989 21/01/1999 21/01/1999
Samoa 09/09/1996 09/09/1996
Solomon Islands 07/03/1991 19/01/1998 19/01/1998
Tokelau 29/11/1989 17/05/1991 17/05/1991
Tuvalu 13/02/1990
United States of America 14/11/1990 28/02/1992 28/02/1992
Vanuatu 13/02/1990

Information provided by States that have not signed, ratified or acceded to the instrument but have signified their intention to do so.

On 17 February 1997, the Papua New Guinea Department of the Attorney-General sent a communication to the Government of New Zealand, advising that the requirements of the Convention had been taken account of in the Papua New Guinea Fisheries Act 1994.

Further information is available from the Ocean Law Publishing International Fisheries Law and Policy Portal [external link].

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