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Treaties and International Law


Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership (TPSEP or P4)

Current status of the Convention

Date of Adoption

Opened for signature 15 June 2006

Place of Adoption


Requirements for Entry into Force

Pursuant to Article 20.4(1), this Agreement will enter into force on 1 January 2006 for those states who have deposited an Instrument of Ratification, Acceptance or Approval, provided that at least two signatories have deposited such an instrument by that date.

Pursuant to Article 20.4(2), in the event that only one signatory has ratified, accepted or approved the Agreement, it shall enter into force 30 days after the second ratification, acceptance or approval.

Membership (States Eligible to become Party)

This Agreement is open to accession on terms to be agreed among the Parties, by any APEC Economy or other State.


The English and Spanish texts of this Agreement are equally authentic. In the event of divergence, the English text shall prevail.

List of Participating States (as at 26/03/2007)

Signature Date


Entry into Force Date

Brunei Darussalam 02/08/2005* 29/06/2009   29/07/2009  
Republic of Chile 18/07/2005 09/10/2006 08/11/2006
New Zealand 18/07/2005


Republic of Singapore 18/07/2005 28/04/2006 01/05/2006


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