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United Nations Handbook 2013 -14

51st edition of the United Nations Handbook

Image: Solar panels in Tokelau. New Zealand is committed to to supporting sustainable development in small island states in the Pacific, including investing in renewable energy.

The United Nations Handbook is a comprehensive guide to the UN system and how it works. The handbook summarises all UN organisations and provides essential information about their aims, structures, and membership.

New Zealand has demonstrated its long-standing commitment and practical support for the United Nations by producing the UN Handbook since 1961. The UN Handbook is a valuable reference guide that helps all states to navigate the UN system effectively.

Mobile app available to download

We are committed to making the content more useable and accessible and this year the UN Handbook is also available as a mobile app.

PDF available to download

Order a print copy

Within New Zealand

NZ$30.00 (including New Zealand postage)

Send a cheque and a note stating how many copies you require and a New Zealand delivery address to:
Communications Division,
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade,
Private Bag 18-901,
Wellington, New Zealand
If you are not able to pay by cheque and require other payment options, please email:

Rest of the world

The UN Handbook is available from selected bookstores, including:
United Nations Bookshop
42nd Street & 1st Avenue
Location: L1B-105
New York, NY 10017

You can also contact your nearest New Zealand Embassy or High Commission. They will advise you of payment methods.


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