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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade works to make New Zealand's voice heard overseas and contributes directly to the security and well-being of all New Zealanders.

Aid Programme staff member plants a tree at the Ebenezer Children's Home, Kenya

New Zealand releases TPP text

Read more about TPP, including the text of the Agreement.


Western Front focus highlights New Zealand / European relationship

In 2016 we will join together with our European partners to remember the service and sacrifice shown by our soldiers during the First World War and to celebrate our enduring strong ties.

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Read more about the NZ - EU Free Trade Agreement negotiations

NZ / EU Free Trade Agreement negotiations

In a joint statement on the bilateral relationship, New Zealand and the European Union have announced their agreement to start the process for Free Trade Agreement negotiations.

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New Zealand on the UN Security Council

New Zealand has a seat on the UN Security Council from 2015-16

Read New Zealand's statements at the Security Council, see: www.nzembassy.com/united-nations and www.nzunsc.govt.nz