New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade - Manatū Aorere.

Revised proposal

New Zealand and the United States submitted a revised version of the MPA proposal to CCAMLR in September 2015.

The key changes are:

The proposal preserves its core conservation values. It continues to balance marine protection, sustainable fishing and science interests and retains all the core elements for biodiversity protection and protects a full range of habitats, ecosystems and areas of particular ecological significance. The proposal still covers roughly 1.25 million square kilometres (of which 1.14 million square kilometres is no-take). If agreed, it would still be the world’s biggest MPA.
The core elements of the proposal remain. Specifically, these include:

Under the proposal the toothfish fishery would continue in areas outside the MPA. This fishery is internationally recognised for its science-based sustainable management and the MPA would enhance this.
See a copy of the updated proposal below:

Map of the revised proposal