COVID-19 - Information for suppliers and vendors visiting MFAT facilities

Information for staff, service personnel, and external visitors entering Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) facilities under the COVID-19 Protection Framework, currently in Red.


During the current COVID-19 pandemic, MFAT is required to facilitate contact tracing for COVID-19 cases. In order to meet this obligation, MFAT will be tracking the movements of all staff, service personnel, and external visitors which enter MFAT facilities in New Zealand. Based on our internal COVID-19 policy, public health advice and specific risk assessments on our roles and operations, we have decided to take a cautious approach across our offices in New Zealand by only giving access to those with a My Vaccine Pass.

Showing your My Vaccine Pass at reception will be required when entering MFAT facilities in New Zealand from 10th February 2022. If the traffic light setting changes to Orange or Green, we will be reviewing our decision to ensure we remain pragmatic in our approach, while keeping our people safe. 

Unable to provide a My Vaccine Pass?

Get in touch with your MFAT business partner who may chose for the Ministry to undertake a risk assessment and consider the implications of enabling the service provider to:

  • Access a Ministry workplace;
  • Undertake certain roles; and
  • Undertake certain tasks or duties.

Need to visit MFAT offices?

We’re encouraging meetings to be held virtually while at the Red traffic light setting.  However, we know that some of our services are required to be performed on site. For those of you that have security clearance to access our building (with an access card), please make sure you show your My Vaccine Pass to reception on arrival. You’ll have until 4th March to have your My Vaccine Pass verified. Those who have an access card but don’t have or haven’t had their My Vaccine Pass verified won’t have access to the building. If this happens and you or your staff require access to a Ministry workplace then please speak to your MFAT business partner who can help find a solution.  

What if this means that services can’t be delivered?

We understand that this may result in some service disruptions and therefore we encourage you to talk to your MFAT business partner or email about possible workarounds / solutions.

Have a question?

Refer to the attached document: Visitors to MFAT - COVID Guidelines.

Please reach out to your MFAT business partner or to if you are unsure who your business partner is.

Supplying COVID-19 protocols

We continue to facilitate existing protocols regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. We are asking all suppliers and vendors to submit their company's COVID-19 protocols and practices for when entering MFAT's site. This will include:

  • Contact details for individuals and company.
  • Confirmation of what contact tracing process they have in place.
  • Confirm what PPE, if any, will be worn, at each Alert Level and if moving between floors how this will be safely changed to prevent cross-contamination.

PPE disposal

Confirm how disposal of used PPE will take place.

  • How (where appropriate) tools and equipment are disinfected between uses in different locations.
  • How areas of work at MFAT facilities (where appropriate) will be disinfected.

Additional on-site processes

On location at MFAT facilities:

  • Sign in to the WhosonLocation kiosk at Reception (at level 2 only).
  • Sign in to all floors using the register at the entrance to the floor.
  • Maintain a detailed task list of what tasks were completed on each floor including areas/rooms visited.
  • Sign out when departing the building (at level 2 only).
  • Observe social distancing at all times.
  • Only 2 people are allowed in a lift at the same time.
  • Follow the instructions on any signage.
  • Wash hands or use hand sanitiser before and after transitioning between spaces (or floors if required).
  • If the fire alarm sounds exit the building, observing social distancing where possible but utilising hand rails. You will be provided with hand sanitiser in the evacuation point and will be asked to check in with the building warden.
  • Inform MFAT contact immediately if any staff are confirmed or suspected cases of COVID-19 infection.

What is MFAT doing?

MFAT will undertake to:

  • Notify any suppliers and vendors of particular risks to their staff and of any potential exposures to COVID-19.
  • Provide any suppliers and vendors of updated MFAT protocols for their staff, if these change.

Further information

If questions arise regarding these requirements, please reach out to your MFAT business partner or to if you are unsure who your business partner is.

Refer to the attached document below, Visitors to MFAT - COVID Guidelines.

The following information might be useful in meeting these requirements: Site Safe - COVID-19 protocols(external link)


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