Victoria Hallum

Deputy Secretary - Multilateral and Legal Affairs (Acting)


Victoria Hallum has been Acting Deputy Secretary, Multilateral and Legal Group since the start of 2019. In addition to the United Nations, human rights, climate change, environment, and international and corporate law, the group is responsible for consular affairs and protocol (relationships with the diplomatic corps). Before taking up the acting Deputy Secretary Role, Victoria was the Divisional Manager of the Legal Division and the International Legal Adviser.

Victoria returned to MFAT in 2017 from roles at Callaghan Innovation and Maritime New Zealand. Prior to this she worked in a number of areas at MFAT including postings to the United Nations in New York and to Paris, where she was Deputy Head of Mission and Permanent Delegate to UNESCO.  Victoria has also worked as a lawyer in a large New Zealand law firm.

Victoria has LLMs from the London School of Economics and Victoria University of Wellington, as well as a BA/LLM from the University of Canterbury. She speaks French and Spanish.