Current status of the Convention

Date of Adoption

20 October 1990

Place of Adoption

Noumea, New Caledonia

Date of Entry into Force

Enters into force for each ratifying State on the date of deposit of its instrument of ratification

Membership (States Eligible to become Party)

Open for signature (subject to ratification) by any State whose nationals or fishing vessels documented under its laws fish within the Convention Area

Open for signature (subject to ratification) by any other State invited to sign by the Parties to the Convention


English, French

List of Participating States  (as at 26/03/2007)

Signature  Date

Ratification  Date

Entry into Force

United States of America 27/02/1991 28/02/1992 28/02/1992

Information provided by States that have not signed, ratified or acceded to the instrument but have signified their intention to do so.

Further information is available from the Ocean Law Publishing International Fisheries Law and Policy Portal (external link).