Divisional Manager, Economic

Applications are invited for the above position which is scheduled to become vacant from the beginning of July.

This position will appeal to anyone deeply committed to New Zealand's trade/economic future and the international connections which underpin the country's prosperity. There is significant scope in this position for creativity and thinking. It is a varied role which encompasses significant business liaison, trade related research and analysis, engagement with export Ministers under the Government's Business Growth Agenda (BGA) and working closely with other Government agencies on an 'NZ Inc' basis in the trade and economic space. There is also significant leadership required on a cross-agency basis to intensify the Government's efforts to address non-tariff-barriers impacting our export sector.

Everything the Division does is situated within the Business Growth Agenda (BGA) objective of increasing exports-to-GDP from 30%-to-40% by 2025, to further diversify our exports and our export markets and to add value-to-volume.

With a team of around 15 based in Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch (with a link through to our Paris-based OECD representatives) leadership is required to inspire, support and guide a dedicated team of Foreign Policy staff and economist specialists.

We are seeking candidates who can demonstrate: 
- Strong leadership and management abilities
- Demonstrated  trade and economic knowledge 
- An intellectual curiosity about what drives and influences New Zealand's trade intensity
- The capability and desire to meaningfully engage with the business community in order to advance their export/trade-related ambitions    
- A highly developed 'NZ Inc' ('working for a cause not an organisation') instincts.
- Experience working overseas, particularly in a  diplomatic context, would be an asset.

You must be a New Zealand citizen and be able to obtain and maintain an appropriate New Zealand Government security clearance.

To apply for this position please complete the application form, and submit along with your CV and covering letter by 12 noon on Friday 2 June 2017.