The New Zealand Aid Programme has worked with Latin America since the 1970s. Our priority there is agricultural development. In 2013, we began to work in the Caribbean, focusing on energy (particularly geothermal), disaster preparedness, and tertiary and vocational training.


 Total aid to Latin America and the Caribbean comprises programme funding for country-specific activities in these regions, as well as other funding which can include scholarships, regional initiatives, Partnerships Fund activities, and humanitarian response.  

What we're supporting

We partner with Latin America and the Caribbean governments, international, regional, private and non-profit organisations to deliver aid activities.

Priority Country Activities and outcomes

Increase economic and food security benefits from agriculture

Colombia  Working with The AgriBusiness Group and Colombian government partners to help develop a profitable and competitive dairy farming sector in the Colombian high tropical region. Target results include improved productivity and incomes for small and medium-size dairy farmers.
 Peru  Working with The AgriBusiness Group and Peruvian government partners to increase the productivity and incomes of small to medium scale dairy farmers in the Cusco, Puno and Cajamarca Departments of the Peruvian sierra.
Colombia and Ecuador  Implementing a rural development project through Landcare Research, with Ecuadorean and Colombian partners, to improve catchment-based water and land resource management.
Chile Implementing an agricultural industry training project through Agricultural Services Limited with Chilean government partners. The project will develop training strategies and improve training and services to small farmers. This will lead to improved productivity as well as improved incomes and careers for farmers and rural workers.

Supporting an initiative to improve farmer production and access to finance and markets. This is being implemented by the Paraguayan Ministry of Agriculture with the International Fund for Agricultural Development.

Caribbean regional

Working with the Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute (CARDI) to improve production in the small ruminants (sheep and goats) sector.

Expand access to affordable, reliable and clean energy
Eastern Caribbean States Technical assistance through Jacobs NZ for geothermal development. Activities range from surface exploration studies to providing peer review and advisory services in region.

Strengthen resilience

Colombia Demining Supporting HALO Trust to identify safe land, map and mark minefields for clearance, and use Burnsafe’s thermit technology to destroy unexploded ordnance in Meta, Colombia.
  Caribbean regional Supporting the University of West Indies Seismic Research Centre to develop its volcanic monitoring capability and stakeholder systems with GNS Science.

Education  Improve knowledge, skills and basic education 

 31 Countries  Providing 14 post-graduate scholarships for Latin America, and 20 for the Caribbean each year in priority areas of agriculture, renewable energy (Caribbean), and disaster risk management. Thirty nine scholars are currently studying in New Zealand.


Respond to humanitarian emergencies

   New Zealand contributes to humanitarian responses in Latin America and the Caribbean usually through international agencies working on the ground.

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Recent achievements




Expand access to affordable, reliable and clean energy

Caribbean regional

New Zealand has been working with five island states (Dominica, Grenada, St Kitts and Nevis, St Lucia, and St Vincent and the Grenadines) and the Caribbean Development Bank to expand affordable, reliable geothermal energy using its expertise to lay the groundwork for larger donors and private sector to invest in partner countries.

1,052 farmers and growers in dairy and fruit sectors successfully trained in 2016 and 2017 on effective workplace practices in line with industry needs

Increase economic and food security benefits from agriculture 

 Capacity and skills of 132 rural professionals and extension officers of the Chilean Ministry of Agriculture significantly improved and contributed to lifting productivity of small farmers.

Colombia In the first quarter of 2017, target farmers’ milk production in the Colombia dairy project had increased on average by 18%.
Uruguay Twenty one focus farms and associated farmer groups (approximately 200 farmers in total) established and each assisted by a facilitator to develop farm plans and implement changes on-farm to meet their goals.
Ecuador, Colombia Detailed work on land/water related livelihoods under way in Cauca, Colombia and Cotopaxi, Ecuador.

Experimental plots, demonstrations and training established with farmers for target crops such as Andean blackberry, and organic bananas.

Improve knowledge, skills and basic education 


 10 Countries During 2016, 15 students from Latin America and the Caribbean completed post-graduate qualifications supported by New Zealand Aid Programme scholarships.

Respond to humanitarian emergencies

Caribbean region In 2017 we provided humanitarian funding to the UN Development Programme, supporting Caribbean governments impacted by Hurricanes Irma and Maria with early recovery activities.


Figures showing Total Aid for Latin America and the Caribbean from 2018-2021