NZ Red Cross International Delegates Programme

Date | December 2007
Evaluators | Alison Gray, Gray Matter Research Ltd

Read the evaluation [PDF, 92 KB]

Volunteer Service Abroad Review 2003 -2007

Date | April - May 2007
Evaluators | Sue Emmott and Virginia Jealous
New Zealand Aid Programme

Read the evaluation [PDF, 3.2 MB]

Solomon Islands Primary School Infrastructure Project Review | PSSIP

Date | April 2007
Evaluators | Vince Catherwood & Associates Ltd

Read the review [PDF, 283 KB]

Education Sector Investment and Reform Programme Primary School Operation Grants Review

Date | May 2007
Evaluators | Lester Taylor (leader), Audrey Rusa and Pricewaterhouse Coopers (Greg Sojnocki, Iabeta Benititi, David Idu)

Read the review [PDF, 219 KB]

Review of the Cook Islands Country Strategy 2001-2006 | Review of the NZAID/AusAID Programmes 2001-2006

Date | March 2007
Evaluators | Elizabeth Wilson, Marlin Consulting Group

Read the review [PDF, 181 KB]

Cook Islands: Review of In-country Training Programme and Short-term Training Award Scheme

Date | March 2007
Evaluator | James Puati

Read the review [PDF, 181 KB]

A review of the Cook Islands Education Support Programme: Principle Findings

Date | January 2007
Evaluators | Murray Gadd and James Puati

Read the review [PDF, 288 KB]

Review of the NZAID Small Projects Scheme for Vanuatu

Date | May 2007
Evaluators | Jean McKinnon, Kinsa Associates and Selwyn Aru

Read the review [PDF, 2.4 MB]

Samoa NGO Support Fund: A Review for NZAID

Date | July 2007
Evaluators | Mary-Jane Rivers and Rita Fiti Sinclair

Read the review [PDF, 291 KB]

Vanuatu Correctional Services Project. Phase Two Review and Advice on Building On-going Capability in Phase Three

Date | 2007
Evaluators | Mark Byers and Nikenike Vurobaravo

Read the review [PDF, 216 KB]

Student Centred Teaching in the South Pacific: A Review of the Work on Wan Smolbag Theatre

Date | June 2007
Evaluator | David Small

Read the review [PDF, 293 KB]

Pacific Invasives Initiative Review. Ref: Eva 07-14 sum

To request a copy of the full report email and quote the reference number Eva07-14

Review of the Annual Funding Arrangement for Support of the Projects of the Himalayan Trust in Solu Khumbu, Nepal

Date | October 2007
Evaluators | Mike Bird, NZAID, Development Programme Manager

Read the review [PDF, 77 KB]

Philippines National Ecotourism Programme Phase II | Participatory Monitoring Review

Date | June 2007
Evaluators | Ross Hopkins (TRIP Consultants) and Rina Rosales

Read the review [PDF, 285 KB]

Report of the Mid-Term Review of Gansu: Jingyuan and Jingtai Sustainable Rural Livelihoods

Date | February 2007
Evaluators | Dr. John McKinnon (Leader), Prof. Guo Peiyu and Mr. Mou Yichao

Read the review [PDF, 263 KB]

Report on the Review of NZAID Engagements in Human Resource Development in the Greater Mekong Subregion of Southeast Asia

Date | December 2007
Evaluators | Douglas Day, Farib Sos, Peter Morrow

Read the report [PDF, 390 KB]

Review of the Contract for the In-Country Management of the New Zealand Development Scholarship and Short Term Training Award schemes in PNG

Date | March 2007
Evaluators | Elena Procuta, Scholarships Unit, NZAID

Read the review [PDF, 361 KB]

Read the addendum [PDF, 11 KB]

Desk Study Report | Review of the NZAID PNG Country Strategy 2002-2007. Ref: Eva 07-20 sum

To request a copy of the full report email and quote the reference number Eva07-20

Review of the Vanuatu-New Zealand Education Assistance Programme

Date | May 2007
Evaluators | Maureen Wilson & Jean-Pierre Nirua

Read the review [PDF, 272 KB]

Joint Assessment of the Institutional Capacity Management of the Government of Vanuatu for the Implementation of the Vanuatu Education Sector Strategy

Date | July 2007
Evaluator | Caroline Marsh

Read the assessment [PDF, 1.7 MB]

Financial Management Assessment for Implementation of the Vanuatu Education Sector Strategy

Date | August 2007
Evaluators | John Mellors and Roger Jenkins

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Midterm Review of the Cook Islands Marine Resources Institutional Strengthening Programme

Date | November 2007
Evaluators | Tim O'Meara and Petero Okotai

Read the review [PDF, 218 KB]