Evaluation of Taxation Reform in the Pacific

Date | March 2014
Evaluator | Sapere Research Group: Robin Oliver, Sally Wyatt, Kieran Murray
Strategic Evaluation Programme

Download the evaluation synthesis report [PDF, 260 KB]

Download the topography report [PDF, 1 MB]

Download the evaluation factsheet [PDF, 691 KB]

Download the full evaluation report [PDF, 1.5 MB]

Protection of children from commercial sexual exploitation in ACCRA

Date | December 2014
Evaluator | Kafui Mills-Odoi and team from HRD Solutions and Applications Consult – Ghana
New Zealand Aid Programme | Ghana

Download the evaluation report [PDF, 1.3 MB]

Joint Evaluation of Timor-Leste Community Policing Programme (TLCPP) and Hametin Koperasaun Hamutuk Polisia ho Komunidade (HAKOHAK)

Date | November 2014
Evaluators | Dr Gordon Peake, Dr Bu Wilson, Mr Joao Almeida Fernandes
New Zealand Aid Programme | HAKOHAK/TLCPP

Download the evaluation report [PDF, 567 KB]

Evaluation of New Zealand support for the Marine Training Centre, Kiribati

Date | November 2014
Evaluators | Heather Nunns, Maria Borovnik, Julian Joy, Richard Bedford
New Zealand Aid Programme | Kiribati

Download the evaluation report [PDF, 754 KB]

Fisheries evaluation factsheet

Date | June 2014

Download the evaluation factsheet [PDF, 582 KB]

Evaluation Report for Tonga Business Enterprise Centre

Date | March 2014
Evaluator | Ned Hardie-Boys (Allen + Clarke) and Nynette Sass (SCS Group)
New Zealand Aid Programme | Tonga

Download the evaluation report [PDF, 896 KB]

Assessment of the Mekem Strong Solomon Islands Fisheries (MSSIF) programme 2010-2013

Date | March 2014

Download the assessment report [PDF, 1.2 MB]

Review of the Transparency International (TI) Pacific Institutional and Network Strengthening Programme (PINSP)

Date | February 2014
Evaluators | Sally Duckworth and Margot Szamier (Litmus)
New Zealand Aid Programme | Pacific Human Development

This evaluation was commissioned by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, who were also the lead donor on this activity.

This review was undertaken in the final year of the Pacific Institutional and Network Strengthening Programme (PINSP).  The review found the programme’s goal and intended outcomes were aligned with New Zealand Aid Programme themes.  PINSP supported the Pacific Transparency International (TI) chapters’ ability to fulfil their mandate.  Stakeholders felt the Programme increased their effectiveness in undertaking anti-corruption civic education, awareness raising, media engagement and advocacy.  However, Programme management by TI’s Asia Pacific Department was not considered effective.  Pacific chapters had a preference for programme governance to be based in their region.  The review makes a number of recommendations, including funding an organisation with suitable expertise and local relevance, such as TI New Zealand, to continue the programme.

Review of the Community-Based Tourism for Sustainable Economic Development (CBT-SED) Project, Lao PDR

Date | May 2014
Evaluator | Les Clark
New Zealand Aid Programme | Lao PDR

Download the evaluation report [PDF, 1.2 MB]

Download the management response summary [PDF, 62 KB]

Evaluation of the Samoa Institutional Linkage Programme

Date | March 2014
Evaluator | Gary Blick, Joanna Smith, Julie Artus (Sapere Research Group)
New Zealand Aid Programme | Samoa

Download the evaluation report [PDF, 1.2 MB]

Review of the Commonwealth Local Government Forum

Date | June 2014
Evaluators | Michael Hamilton, Kate Averill, Michael Campin, Arna Cunningham (Evaluation Consult), Graham Hassall and Tapu Panuve
New Zealand Aid Programme | Pacific Human Development

Download the evaluation report [PDF, 1.9 MB]

Evaluation of the New Zealand English Language Training for Officials (ELTO) and English Language Training for Senior Officials (ELTSO) Programmes

Date | April 2014

Evaluators | Andrew Kibblewhite, Miranda Cahn

Download the evaluation report [PDF, 787 KB]

Download the management response [PDF, 222 KB]