In Myanmar we’re improving access to affordable, reliable and clean energy, prosperity for farmers, knowledge and skills capability, and disaster preparedness.


In recent years, we have increased our development investment in Myanmar.  This supports ASEAN’s commitment to narrow the development gap between its members.

Myanmar is one of the least developed countries in the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) and has recently emerged from five decades of economic and political isolation.

We're supporting Myanmar to achieve sustainable development through a new bilateral programme. The programme aims to develop partnerships that deliver development results drawing on New Zealand’s expertise to meet Myanmar’s needs in agreed priority areas.

Myanmar also receives development assistance through regional initiatives including the ASEAN programme, scholarships, Partnerships Fund activities, and humanitarian assistance funding.

What we're supporting

We're working closely with the Myanmar Government and other partners to deliver development activities.

Priority Activities and outcomes

Increase economic and food security benefits from agriculture

Improving dairy production and quality and farmer incomes through a five year $6.1 million Myanmar New Zealand Dairy Excellence Project (MDEP) with the Agribusiness Group.

Strengthening control strategies for Foot and Mouth Disease and increase livestock-related income. This five-year $7.5 million activity in Myanmar is in partnership with the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), with support from Massey University and our Ministry for Primary Industries.

Two foot and mouth disease-free zones will be established through vaccination of 80% of cattle in those areas with  1,800 farmers and traders expected to benefit.

Reducing rural poverty and improving food security and more sustainable farming systems through a five-year $12 million winter crop activity in Rakhine State. This activity with Adam Smith International focuses on improving winter crop diversification and water management to benefit up to 1,250 farmers.

Improve knowledge, skills and basic education

Building civil society leadership through a $3 million, five-year Myanmar Young Leaders Programme (MYLP). In partnership with UnionAid, 12 young community leaders come to New Zealand each year to improve their English and understanding of democracy in action.

Providing 35 post-graduate and 18 short-term training scholarships per annum in agriculture, renewable energy, disaster risk management, public sector leadership and private sector development, and English language training to 33 Myanmar officials in New Zealand and 25 participants in Myanmar each year. 18 post-graduate scholars are currently studying in New Zealand.

Renewable energy
Expand access to affordable, reliable, clean energy

Establishing a new project to increase electricity access and  renewable energy supply through training and technical assistance.
Strengthen resilience
 Implementing a $5 million, five-year Better Warehousing and Logistics Management initiative with Beca New Zealand, the Myanmar Red Cross and New Zealand Red Cross, to improve the structural integrity of warehouses, logistics systems, and warehouse equipment, and provide training in logistical and warehouse management best practices.

We also support Myanmar through a number of regional initiatives across ASEAN.

Recent achievements

Priority  Achievement
Increase economic and food security benefits from agriculture

MDEP has provided direct support to 161 dairy farmers, and influenced 600 more through peer learning. Milk production on some farms has increased from 5.3-6.2 litres per cow per day to 9.4-11.5 litres. 20 participants have been trained in New Zealand on farm management and cheese making, and a milk quality laboratory has been upgraded in Mandalay.

Under the Rakhine Winter Cropping activity, 538 demonstration plots have been established for crop production and training, and 1500 farmers have received inputs for small scale vegetable production.

Over 600,000 Foot and Mouth Disease vaccines have been delivered.

Improve knowledge, skills and basic education

MYLP  has now trained 59 youth from different ethnic, religious and professional backgrounds, in which most of them are still actively involved in fostering peace and development in Myanmar.

Since 2015, approximately 14 post-graduate students have studied in New Zealand and returned home.  In 2016, 17 Myanmar officials accessed our English language training for officials scholarships in New Zealand and 48 have participated to date.

Humanitarian In September 2017, New Zealand provided $1.5m to the Red Cross movement in Myanmar and Bangladesh to help respond to the refugee crisis in Myanmar’s Rakhine State.