Our development assistance to Nauru is focused on supporting greater self-reliance and ensuring benefits are targeted to future generations.

New Zealand’s development assistance to Nauru includes funding for specific activities agreed with the Government of the Republic of Nauru such as support for quality education, increasing renewable energy, and strengthening electoral systems.   Support is also provided through scholarships, short term training awards, to enable Nauru access to the Recognised Seasonal Employers (RSE) scheme, and support for regional fisheries.

What we're supporting

We're working closely with the Nauru Government and local agencies on several aid activities.

Priority Activities and Outcomes
Education                            New Zealand continues to support the Nauru Department of Education with a focus on student access to quality education, quality teaching, and building leadership in the sector. New Zealand coordinates closely with Australia which is also supporting education in Nauru.  
Renewable Energy New Zealand is working with the Government of the Republic of Nauru to increase renewable energy production, reduce reliance on fossil fuels and increase equitable access to affordable energy through the installation of a 1 MP solar PV plant. The solar PV plant is expected to be commissioned in 2019.
Electorial Systems New Zealand is contributing to a UNDP lead project supporting the Nauru Electoral Commission to achieve a better informed electorate and a more transparent and inclusive electoral process. This support will be focused around the 2019 national election.

Trust Fund for the People of the Republic of Nauru

In 2018 New Zealand made a $2 million contribution to the Fund to mark Nauru’s 50th anniversary of independence. The Fund is expected to provide meaningful benefits to future generations.   

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Figures showing Total Aid for Nauru from 2018-2021