New Zealand is supporting Papua New Guinea to achieve sustainable economic and social development so it can reduce poverty and become a more secure and prosperous nation.

Total aid to Papua New Guinea is made up of programme funding for activities specific to Papua New Guinea, as well as other funding which can include scholarships, regional initiatives, activities supported through the Partnerships Fund, and humanitarian response.

 Graphic showing total aid for Papua New Guinea 2016-17



Shared vision

New Zealand and Papua New Guinea are working on a Joint Commitment for Development. This will set out the shared vision of our two governments, the priority areas we're focused on, each countries' responsibilities, and the funding New Zealand will provide.

What we're supporting

We're working closely with the Papua New Guinea Government and local agencies on several aid activities.

Priority Activities and outcomes

Expand access to affordable, reliable and clean energy

Improving access to electricity from clean and renewable sources. We’re investing in energy generation and distribution in rural PNG by extending the grid and piloting mini-hydro generation and distribution. The Improved Energy Access for Rural Communities Project is underway in three locations. Collectively these energy projects will provide electricity to 8,840 rural households and approximately 53,000 people.

We’re also working with the PNG Government on improving energy policy and regulation.

Increase economic and food security benefits from agriculture


Increasing returns, incomes and employment from fresh produce. We’re working with retailers and wholesalers to improve the way the fresh produce industry operates and add value to fresh products. New Zealand is also helping to upgrade produce markets, including Gordons Market in Port Moresby.
Law and justice
Strengthen law and justice systems
Improving community safety by strengthening policing through the Bougainville Community Policing Programme. This was implemented by New Zealand Police and continues to be supported by us. 
Economic governance 
Strengthen economic governance

Improving government service delivery and increasing economic opportunities through the Governance and Implementation Project which is jointly funded with Australia. This project supports the Autonomous Bougainville Government to build its capacity to govern, plan and deliver effective services.

Find out more about our aid activities by country.

Recent achievements

Priority  Achievement

Law and justice
Strengthen law and justice systems

Established a New Zealand Police presence in Southern Bougainville and deployed 10 New Zealand Police Advisors for 12-month assignments. 

Implemented the Bougainville Community Policing Programme (by NZ Police).

Trained and mentored the Bougainville Police Service’s Assistant Commissioner and the three regional commanders, as well as 350 Community Auxiliary Police (CAPs).

Economic governance 
Strengthen economic governance

Strengthened the PNG Department of Foreign Affairs by providing technical assistance.

Strengthened five government divisions (Planning, Commerce, Technical Services, Primary Industries and Police) by providing budget support and technical assistance.

Evaluation and research reports

Bougainville Community Policing Programme