Tokelau is a territory of New Zealand and Tokelauans are New Zealand citizens. This means that New Zealand has obligations to assist the government of Tokelau to provide public services and infrastructure for its people, and to develop its economy and capacity for self-government.


We are supporting Tokelau to strengthen its public services, improve quality of life on its atolls, and maximise its fisheries revenue. Revenue from fishing licences represented 32% of Tokelau's revenue in 2014/15, 53% in 2015/16, and 45% in 2016/17 and is forecast to account for around 54% of national revenue in 2017/18.

General budget support to the Government of Tokelau represented 75% of total aid to Tokelau in 2016/17.  Other funding is for activities specific to Tokelau, and regional initiatives, activities supported through the Partnerships Fund and short-term training awards.

 Shared vision

New Zealand and Tokelau signed a Principles of Partnership in 2003. This Joint Statement sets out the principles underpinning the partnership and our wish to strengthen cooperation between New Zealand and Tokelau.  

Read the Joint Statement of the Principles of Partnership [PDF, 219 KB]

What we're supporting

We're working closely with the Tokelau Government on several aid activities.

Priority Activities and outcomes

Increase economic and food security benefits from sustainable fisheries

Strengthening management of the EEZ to substantially increase the revenue that Tokelau earns from its international fisheries while protecting its food security.

Provide safe reliable and accessible transport

Increasing the safety and efficiency of Tokelau's shipping with custom-built ships, upgrade of wharves and reef passages on Tokelau, and technical assistance to strengthen safety managment systems and to plan and design further improvements to transport.

Improve education outcomes

Improving the quality of teaching and learning outcomes with education advisers working in schools, and with the Department of Education and village education committees. 

Economic governance
Strengthen economic governance

Providing general budget support to help Tokelau deliver core public services and technical assistance to public financial management.

Find out more about our aid activities by country.

Recent achievements

Priority  Achievement
Improve knowledge, skills and basic education

Tokelau’s 2016 literacy and numeracy assessment results showed significant improvements in Year 6 literacy and numeracy skills. Schools sustained composite classes and the performance development and appraisal system for all school staff.  The percentage of qualified teachers increased to ECE 100%; Primary 92%; Secondary 66%.

Economic governance
Strengthen economic governance

Tokelau introduced multi-year budgets in 2016/17, and increased allocations for infrastructure asset management. In 2017/18, Tokelau prepared a transport plan and business cases.


Figures showing Total Aid for Tokelau from 2018-2021