New Zealand works with Tuvalu on initiatives that support sustainable economic growth, reduce poverty and increase its resilience in the event of storms and cyclones.

 Total aid to Tuvalu is made up of programme funding for activities specific to Tuvalu, as well as other funding which can include scholarships, regional initiatives, activities supported through the Partnerships Fund, and humanitarian response.

Shared vision

New Zealand and Tuvalu have signed a Joint Commitment for Development. This sets out the shared vision of our two governments, the priority areas we're focused on, each countries' responsibilities, and the funding New Zealand will provide.

What we're supporting

We're working closely with the Tuvalu Government and local agencies on several aid activities.

Priority Activities and outcomes

Expand access to affordable, reliable and clean energy

Installing solar panels to Tuvalu's outer islands (Vaitupu, Nanumea, Nanumaga Niutao) and the capital island of Funafuti. This $19.8m project is expected to provide the outer islands with 90% of their power needs as well as a more reliable supply of electricity, and to reduce diesel consumption on Funafuti by 62,000 litres per year.  

Increase economic and food security benefits from sustainable fisheries and aquaculture

Implementing a programme that includes building a fisheries complex, as well as training and organisational reform in Tuvalu's Fisheries Department. The programme is expected to improve the fisheries effectiveness, increase revenue, and ensure ocean and inshore fisheries are managed sustainably. 

Economic governance
Strengthen economic governance

Improving the government's financial management as part of a programme between Tuvalu and its development partners (Australia, New Zealand, Asia Development Bank and the World Bank). This is expected to result in:

  • the Tuvalu Trust Fund growing in value and making a greater contribution to the government's annual budget
  • a stronger culture of financial discipline and management within government
  • improved public sector performance 
Improve the health of people in the Pacific  

New Zealand's medical treatment scheme (NZMTS) provides medical assesment and treatment through visiting medical specialists, and overseas referral scheme for tertiary treatment in NZ and in the region

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Recent achievements

Priority  Achievement

Economic governance
Strengthen economic governance

Budget support ($3 million over 3 years) to the Policy Reform Matrix will support the implementations of key policies and reforms for the goverment of Tuvalu.

The Tiuvalu Trust Fund is tracking to meet its goalof reaching $200 million by 2020. Market value as at 30 September 2017 was $173 million.

Strengthen resilience

Strengthening the islet of Funafuti by fixing the thin strip of land known as the Tegako breach, has improved Tuvalu’s land stability in the event of storms and cyclones.


Figures showing Total Aid for Tuvalu from 2018-2021