Your interview may be face-to-face at your local New Zealand Embassy or High Commission, or over the phone or videolink.

If you make it to this stage of the selection process, will contact you separately to set up a time and date for this interview.

Preparing for your interview

Below is some important information about the interview to help you prepare:

  • The interview will take about 40 minutes, with a panel of two interviewers (generally).

  • There will be a brief discussion about your proposed programmes of study (if you listed two options in your application form).

  • There will be six interview questions, with four to six minutes allowed per question.

  • We will ask how relevant your study programme is to the development of your country, and we will ask about your commitment to your country.  

  • We will assess your communication skills. Please prepare a three-minute response to the question: ‘What do you know about life in New Zealand?’

    • This should be a prepared answer. Please do some research about life in New Zealand. We also suggest you practise your answer in advance and keep your answer under three minutes. This is NOT a presentation – you do not need to bring any prepared material. You will then be asked some questions about your answer to test your communication and listening skills.  

  • We will ask you two ‘situation-based questions’. You cannot really prepare for these in advance. We will give you with a hypothetical (made up) situation of something that may happen to you, and ask you how you would respond.

  • We will ask you a ‘competency-based question’ about resilience. It is a good idea to come to the interview with some past examples of when you have shown resilience. A good way to describe your example is to use the C-A-R method – Context, Action, Result. If you have not heard about it you may wish to find out some general information about this on the internet.

Note: Each interview question relates to an attribute we are looking for in our successful scholars. (See the Who we are looking for (external link) page on our website).

Keep your contact details up to date

Importantly, throughout the selection process, please make sure you regularly check your email as this is how we will communicate with you.

If your email address changes, update your contact details through our online application portal (external link). Log in with your RealMe username and update your profile online.See our Application Guidance (external link) page for more information.