There is a code of conduct for scholarships awarded by the New Zealand Aid Programme.


1. The purpose of the Code of Scholarship Student Conduct is:

a. To set clear expectations of scholarship student behaviour.
b. To encourage high standards of conduct by scholarship students.

Who the Code applies to

2. This Code of Scholarship Student Conduct applies:

a. To all students who are awarded a scholarship funded by the New Zealand Aid Programme, including any of the following scholarships;

i. New Zealand Scholarship
ii. New Zealand Development Scholarship
iii. New Zealand ASEAN Scholars Award
iv. New Zealand Pacific Scholarship
v. Commonwealth Scholarship
vi. Short Term Training Award
vii. New Zealand Regional Development Scholarship; and

b. From the date of departure from the home country for New Zealand or study country, until arrival in the home country on completion of the scholarship.

Requirements of scholarship student conduct

3. Scholarship students will:

a. treat other students, university staff, MFAT staff, and the public with respect
b. act with honesty and integrity at all times, including when submitting assignments and information to your education institution and when accessing and using education institution systems
c. act in a manner that reflects your role as a representative of your home country, the scholarship, and your education institution
d. obey the laws of New Zealand or other study country
e. comply with the Code of Student Conduct at the institution at which you are studying.

4. Scholarship students will not engage in behaviour that:

a. damages the reputation of the scholarship programme, their home country, New Zealand, study country, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, their family, or themselves;
b. is disruptive to other students at their institution or to the local community
c. results in, or can be reasonably expected to result in, damage to property of any person
d. is violent, threatening, intimidating, or constitutes harassment of a person or group.