Manaaki & Partnerships Fund guides and templates

This page provides reporting tools for the Manaaki and Partnerships Fund Activities.

Please note that although some PFID fund activities are still operating, PFID is not accepting new applications, and Manaaki now stands in its place as the current Contestable Fund.

Please see here for more information about Manaaki.  


Narrative Reporting

Once underway, you are required to report on the progress of your activity using the tools below. 

Use the Manaaki & PFID Progress Report Template to report on the progress of your Activity at the milestone points agreed with MFAT and outlined in your Funding Arrangement. Use the plum text as guidance. 

Please use the Manaaki & PFID Activity Completion Report template for your completion reporting to MFAT.

Financial Reporting

Use the PFID Budget Template to track expenditure during Activity implementation including comments on significant variances to the planned budget. This must accompany narrative reporting at agreed milestones outlined in your Funding Arrangement.

A budget template is not required for Manaaki as partners are encouraged to use their own systems and processes. More guidance on this can be found in the Manaaki design guidance [DOCX, 378 KB] document.


The co-investment funding declaration indicates that you have sufficient funds to cover your co-investment funding contribution to the Activity. A signed declaration using this template must accompany all invoices provided to MFAT. Please ensure you use the template for the correct fund type.


The Activity MERL Framework Guidance will assist in completing the reporting tools.


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