MFAT administers several contestable funds as part of the New Zealand Aid Programme.

These funds are available to organisations that have their own proposals for development and humanitarian response activities. Eligibility depends on the type of fund, and all applications for funding go through a full appraisal and selection process. 

Partnering for Impact

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade is designing a new approach to partnering as a result of an independent evaluation of the Partnerships for International Development (PFID) fund completed in March 2018, extensive consultation with partners in New Zealand and partner countries and MFAT research and analysis. New approach is expected to be available from February 2019.

New Zealand Disaster Response Partnership (NZDRP)

The NZDRP is for accredited NGOs working in humantarian response.

Pacific Island Countries Participation Fund (PICTicipate)

PICTicipate supports Pacific Island citizens to attend development-related events in order to strengthen the ownership of development processes and activities in their home countries. 

Applications can be made by any organisation on behalf of Pacific Island Citizens to travel to events which are aligned with both New Zealand Aid Programme investment priorities, and the participant’s own country priorities.

PacificTA: Programme for Technical Assistance to Pacific Island Countries

Assists Pacific Island countries to develop and deliver appropriate solutions to service delivery at a local level e.g. urban planning, infrastructure planning and management, water and waste management and asset management.

Post Graduate Field Research Awards

These awards support research by New Zealand students on development issues that fit with the aims of the New Zealand Aid Programme. The awards help ensure a depth of knowledge and sound research skills in our future development professionals. 

MFAT has made financial contributions towards the field research costs of selected New Zealand students since 1991.

The awards are normally advertised toward the end of the calendar year.  Dates and details for 2019 are yet to be confirmed. 

 Closed Funds

The Partnerships for International Development Fund

The Partnerships Fund supported partnerships led by New Zealand-based organisations to develop and deliver locally owned responses to development challenges in New Zealand Aid Programme countries. The Partnerships Fund had a core focus on sustainable economic development in the Pacific. The fund was decommissioned in September 2018. Commitments made under the Partnerships Fund will be met with projects ongoing. The fund is being replaced with a new approach to partnering for impact.

Sustainable Development Fund

This fund was available primarily for large, long-term projects designed to contribute to sustainable economic development. The fund was replaced by the Partnerships Fund.