MFAT administers several contestable funds as part of the New Zealand Aid Programme.

These funds are available to organisations that have their own proposals for development and humanitarian response activities. Eligibility depends on the type of fund, and all applications for funding go through a full appraisal and selection process. 

New Zealand Partnerships for International Development Fund (Partnerships Fund)

Public, private and non-government organisations working on development activities in developing countries can apply to the Partnerships Fund.

Sustainable Development Fund

This fund was available primarily for large, long-term projects designed to contribute to sustainable economic development. The fund has been replaced by the Partnerships Fund but several projects are ongoing. 

New Zealand Disaster Response Partnership (NZDRP)

The NZDRP is for accredited NGOs working in humantarian response.

Pacific Island Countries Participation Fund (PIC Fund)

The PIC Fund is available to any organisation invloved in development related conferences and events.

Post Graduate Field Research Awards

These awards support research by New Zealand students on development issues that fit with the aims of the New Zealand Aid Programme. The awards help ensure a depth of knowledge and sound research skills in our future development professionals. 

MFAT has made financial contributions towards the field research costs of selected New Zealand students since 1991. The success of these awards has ensured this programme will continue.

The application deadline for the 2017 funding round is 4 February 2017.

PacificTA: Programme for Technical Assistance to Pacific Island Countries

Assists Pacific Island countries to develop and deliver appropriate solutions to service delivery at a local level e.g. urban planning, infrastructure planning and management, water and waste management and asset management.