The Sustainable Development Fund (SDF) was for large aid projects that helped create enduring economic development. The final funding round was in 2012.

The sustainable development fund began in 2010 and has since been decomissioned.

The SDF prioritised activities that:

  • were aligned with the New Zealand Aid Programme's priorities as outlined in the New Zealand International Development Policy Statement [PDF, 595 KB]  and Funding Priorities Framework [PDF, 63 KB]
  • were focused on the Pacific. Under the SDF, the aim was to distribute funding per region on the following basis: 75% to the Pacific, 15% to Southeast Asia, and 10% to elsewhere in the world
  • had a sustainable economic development benefit, although some human development, basic human needs and disaster risk reduction activities were eligible

What was funded

Since the Sustainable Development Fund began in 2010, MFAT allocated approximately $79 million to New Zealand NGOs for multi-year activities.

List of all SDF activities funded [PDF, 244 KB] 

Partnerships case studies including SDF projects