A panel is a list of pre-approved suppliers that offer services required by the New Zealand Aid programme. There are four supplier panels that support international development.

Supplier Panels are the preferred method for sourcing suppliers. 

How to get on panel

Panels are established through an open competitive tender process advertised on GETS. Each panel has agreed terms and conditions. Some panels are ‘open’, meaning the number of suppliers on them may be increased from time to time to meet evolving needs (usually no more than once a year).

Opportunities to supply the aid programme may also be available to you through existing panel members who can be found in the lists below.

Energy Services Panel

Adam Smith International   Auckland Uniservices Limited
Castalia Limited Concept Consulting Group Limited
David Wright Limited Deloitte Limited
DETA Consulting Limited East Harbour Energy Limited
Ekistica Elemental Power and Renewables Limited
Energy Solution Providers Limited FCG ANZDEC Limited
GHD Limited Global Sustainable Energy Solutions PTY Limited
Infratec Limited IT Power (Australia) Pty Limited
Jacobs New Zealand Limited JRG Energy Consultants Limited
Mitchell Daysh Limited Nicole Baker Consulting
Opus International Consultants Ltd Plan to Profit Limited
PowerSmart NZ Limited WINTEC Limited
WorleyParsons New Zealand Limited AECOME New Zealand Limited
Stantec New Zealand SMEC International PTY LTD
Contact Energy Lmited  

Engineering and Related Services Panel

Expires June 2019 – Open Panel

The Engineering and Related Services Panel is comprised of multi-disciplinary and specialty service providers and supports the International Development Group in a variety of sector priorities.

Services available under the panel include:

  • Transport
  • Water Supply
  • Waste Water
  • Storm Water
  • Solid Waste Management
  • Urban development Infrastructure
  • Design of Electrical Generation and Reticulation
  • International Disaster and Emergency Response
  • Property Services
  • Geotechnical Services
  • Asset Management
  • Project Management
  • Information and Communications Technology

Engineering and Related Services panel members

AECOM Jacobs
Beca Manteena
Calibre Stantec
Cardno Network Strategies
GHD Waugh Infrastructure

Monitoring Evaluation Research Learning Panel (MERL)

Expires  May-September 2022 – Open Panel

MFAT has established a Monitoring Evaluation Research Learning (MERL) Services Panel (the Panel).  Through a diverse range of consultancy and advisory servicesin areas that spanNew Zealand’s humanitarian, development and diplomatic engagement, this Panel will strengthen our decision-making and policy development,  contribute to our learning,  and help meet our transparency and accountability requirements. 

There are currently 82 providers on the MERL Panel.  Providers include both organisations and individuals, based here in New Zealand, the Pacific and elsewhere in the world.  Providers also have a range of experience across our key thematic areas and sectors, along with specialist expertise in such things as gender, human rights and inclusive development.  This reflects the diverse nature of the work we do and that it varies considerably in purpose, nature, scope, scale and value, from smaller pieces of work that require a quick turnaround to meet real-time business driven needs through to more complex and comprehensive strategic evaluations and research work. 

 The scope of services is across the following eight service categories of services:

  1. Strategic evaluation
  2. Strategic monitoring and evaluation frameworks
  3. Activity evaluation (project-level)
  4. Activity monitoring and evaluation frameworks
  5. Data specialists
  6. Monitoring, evaluation and results management support and training
  7. Organisational learning and knowledge products and services
  8. Applied research and/or other analytical work.  

Auckland UniServices

A.C. Nielsen

Kaha Education

Donna Leigh Holden Consulting

Warwick Thomson


Conflict Management Consulting

Cardno Emerging Markets

International Health and Development Consulting

Institute for Sustainable Futures

Global Jigsaw - Health & Development Solutions


Partnership Brokers Association

Solution Seekers

University of Queensland

Terence Wood

Keith Leonard

Creative Evaluation

Universalia Management Group

Malatest International

Stacey Tennant Consultancy 

Australia New Zealand School of Government

University of Otago


Right Partnerships

Education Review Office

Kate Lee-Gleisner

FH Designs

Bruce Chapman

KSI Consulting

Helen Bradford

IOD Parc

RDSM Consultancy NZ

Coffey International Development

SKHB Consulting

IMC Worldwide

Standard of Proof


Clear Horizon Consulting

Cole and Dias

Analytic Matters

Martin Jenkins & Associates


Solomon Leonard

Massey University

Auckland University of Technology

Peggy Fairbairn-Dunlop


Edward Boydell

Miehlbradt Consulting

Stacey Tennant

Oxford Policy Management

Malatest International

Moana Research


Strategic Development Group

Impact Advantage

Evaluation Associates

Bell Kelly Beaumont Team Architects

University of New South Wales

Overseas Development Institute 

Metis Analytics

Miranda Cahn


University of Canterbury

Adam Smith International

Mike Sansom

Buddhi Consultancy

Nicholson Consulting

Palladium International

Plan Inc Development Partners

Pasifika Medical Association

Savvy Vanuatu (Rob MacAlister)

Whitelum Group

Monica Wabuke

Victoria Link

University of Melbourne

Malatest International

Allen & Clarke

IPE Triple Line

Sapere Research Group

Asia Pacific International Development

Stantec New Zealand