A panel is a list of pre-approved suppliers that offer services required by the New Zealand Aid programme. There are five supplier panels that support international development.

Supplier Panels are the preferred method for sourcing suppliers. 

How to get on panel

Panels are established through an open competitive tender process advertised on GETS. Each panel has agreed terms and conditions. Some panels are ‘open’, meaning the number of suppliers on them may be increased from time to time to meet evolving needs (usually no more than once a year).

Opportunities to supply the aid programme may also be available to you through existing panel members who can be found in the lists below.

Energy Services Panel

Adam Smith International   Auckland Uniservices Limited
Castalia Limited Concept Consulting Group Limited
David Wright Limited Deloitte Limited
DETA Consulting Limited East Harbour Energy Limited
Ekistica Elemental Power and Renewables Limited
Energy Solution Providers Limited FCG ANZDEC Limited
GHD Limited Global Sustainable Energy Solutions PTY Limited
Infratec Limited IT Power (Australia) Pty Limited
Jacobs New Zealand Limited JRG Energy Consultants Limited
Mitchell Daysh Limited Nicole Baker Consulting
Opus International Consultants Ltd Plan to Profit Limited
PowerSmart NZ Limited WINTEC Limited
WorleyParsons New Zealand Limited  

Engineering and Related Services Panel

Expires June 2019 – Open Panel

The Engineering and Related Services Panel is comprised of multi-disciplinary and specialty service providers and supports the International Development Group in a variety of sector priorities.

Services available under the panel include:

  • Transport
  • Water Supply
  • Waste Water
  • Storm Water
  • Solid Waste Management
  • Urban development Infrastructure
  • Design of Electrical Generation and Reticulation
  • International Disaster and Emergency Response
  • Property Services
  • Geotechnical Services
  • Asset Management
  • Project Management
  • Information and Communications Technology

Engineering and Related Services panel members

AECOM Jacobs
Beca Manteena
Calibre MWH
Cardno Network Strategies
GHD Waugh Infrastructure

Tourism Services Panel 

Expires September 2018 - Open Panel

Tourism development is one of 12 core priorities for the aid programme. The Tourism Services Panel offers expertise in a range of areas:

  • tourism strategy and sector coordination
  • strategic tourism business planning
  • niche tourism market experience
  • quality accommodation and activities
  • conservation and environment management
  • tourism industry training
  • market awareness and destination marketing
  • linking supply of local goods and services to the tourism sector
  • private sector tourism development.

Tourism Services panel members

Dain Simpson Oliver Bennett
TRIP Consultants Quality Tourism Development Limited
Horwath HTL Sustainable Travel International
Les Clark Consulting TRC Tourism Ltd
Matthias Schellhorn  


Agriculture Services Panel

Expires November 2018 - Open Panel

Agriculture is important for economic growth as well as individual livelihoods in most developing countries. New Zealand is internationally recognised as a leader in agriculture, especially in pasture-based livestock and horticulture industries. Central to New Zealand’s success is a market-led approach based on the development of integrated value chains, or adding value from the farm gate to plate. We focus on growing productivity through technological innovation, quality agricultural education, and targeted research.

New Zealand has developed first class biosecurity and food safety systems that protect our agricultural industries from external pest threats. This enables us to gain and maintain access to markets with even the most demanding requirements. Finally, the agricultural industry is well organised and with a high degree of effective collaboration between various organisations, including across the public and private spheres.

Agriculture Services panel members

Adam Smith International Ltd Massey University
Agriculture Services Limited MWH New Zealand Ltd
ANZDEC Limited PGG Wrightson
AgResearch Limited Prime Consulting International Ltd & Nimmo-Bell &Company Ltd (Consortium)
Cardno Emerging Markets (Australia) Pty Ltd Quality Consultants New Zealand "QCONZ"
DAI Limited & AgFirst (consortium) SPS Biosecurity Ltd
Dairy Link Limited Stephen Lee
David Wright Limited Taratahi Agricultural Training Centre
Epi-interactive Ltd The Agribusiness Group NZ Limited 
The New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research Limited The AgriChain Centre Limited


Activity Design Support Services Panel

Expires August 2018 | Open Panel

MFAT uses this panel to either assist with or deliver the design process - including writing business cases and designing and appraising new development projects.

Activity Design Support Services panel members

Bruce Trangmar Marion Quinn
Cathy Deane Myra Harrison
Colleen Butcher-Gollach Peter Bonniface
David Swete Kelly Philippe Brewster
Donna Leigh Holden Susan Majid
Fiona Kotvojs Sylvia Meakin
Kirsty Burnett Warwick Thomson
Linda Meade James McGovern
Vince Catherwood Ross Hopkins
Dr. Marlene Fuentes