Kea South Africa: Kiwi Expatriate Association

Kea South Africa, a branch of the Kea global network, was launched in 2009 with the vision of “drawing together New Zealanders currently residing in South Africa and friends of the Kiwi, into a community which meets together to honour Kiwi traditions and history, to enjoy social occasions and to offer a platform of expertise for Kiwi businesses to learn more of the South African market and to plough back some time and effort into helping less fortunate people in South Africa.”

Kea welcomes the support of New Zealanders living in South Africa to make this vision a reality - to help Kea in South Africa grow stronger. There are Kea chapters in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.

Some of the benefits of joining Kea South Africa are:

  • Access to local, regional and international business networking opportunities
  • The sharing of information and news about New Zealand and Kiwis abroad
  • Social networking opportunities at local and regional events
  • The opportunity, as New Zealanders, to make a difference in the local communities we live and work in.

How to join Kea South Africa:

Visit the Kea website (external link) to register your details.

Feedback from members and friends throughout the Southern African region is welcome – comments, suggestions and ideas to promote Kea’s vision may be sent to:

Kea app

New Zealand's global network Kea has a new app that makes it easier for the 1 million Kiwis living offshore to connect with home and each other using their mobile device.
The Kea app is free and can be downloaded from The App Store (external link) or Google Play (external link). A Kea account can be set up using Facebook or LinkedIn. The app works on iOS, Android and iPads.

By downloading the app users can:

  • Find and message Kiwis near them from anywhere in the world
  • See the location and occupation of other Kiwis using the app
  • Market or find Kiwi businesses, events and products offshore
  • Search for New Zealanders, organisations and events in any country

It is easy to create a listing using either the Kea App or (external link). Hundreds of events and businesses are listed already, making the Kea App a directory of everything New Zealand overseas.
The app can be just as useful in New Zealand, especially for those who travel offshore and want to establish a contacts list before they leave.

Getting married in Africa

There are a number of things that New Zealanders have to do before getting married outside of New Zealand. The Births, Deaths and Marriages Office (external link) in Wellington will be able to provide details.

If marrying in Africa it is important that you contact the relevant authorities in the relevant country to check their marriage laws and requirements.

Documents Required

Some countries require you to have a document stating that you are legally able to marry. The Births, Deaths and Marriages Office (external link) in Wellington issues this document, known as a Certificate of No Impediment. You will need to check with the relevant authorities of the country where you intend to get married about whether a Certificate of No Impediment is required.

Application forms for a Certificate of No Impediment can be downloaded from Births, Deaths and Marriages Office (external link), completed and handed in at this High Commission for forwarding to the Births, Deaths and Marriage Office. The processing time for a certificate is normally four weeks. An up to date fee for this is available at the site above.

The relevant authorities in the African country where you intend to get married will also require you to present a full/unabridged Birth Certificate. Refer to the Births, Deaths and Marriages Office (external link) website if you require a new full birth certificate.

Registration and Recognition

Your marriage should be registered in the country where it took place. There is no legal obligation for you to have your overseas marriage also registered in New Zealand. The only practical benefit of registering your marriage in New Zealand is that a marriage certificate can be issued to you from New Zealand. However, this certificate does not replace the certificate issued to you in the country you were married in. Generally a marriage solemnised abroad in a non-polygamous country in accordance with the laws of that country will be deemed valid in New Zealand. Such marriages are recognised in New Zealand for the purposes of residence visa or citizenship applications.

If you feel it is essential to register your marriage in New Zealand, the 1995 Marriages Act requires that the witnessing of marriages be conducted by a New Zealand representative. You must therefore have it witnessed by an official from this High Commission.

If the ceremony is to be conducted locally and resources at the High Commission are available, then an officer may attend. We are not expected to attend weddings outside Pretoria and its environs. However, all requests will be considered against the location, staff resources and convenience.

A fee will be charged for witnessing a marriage. Also, if there are any costs incurred such as accommodation and travel, these are to be met by the person who requires a witness. Please contact the High Commission in Pretoria should you wish to pursue this option.

Please note that our Honorary Consuls in Cape Town, Kenya, and Mauritius are not able to witness marriages.

Enquiries about working in South Africa from New Zealand

Please note, the New Zealand High Commission in Pretoria is not responsible for issuing work permits for New Zealanders wishing to work in South Africa. A New Zealander who wants to come to South Africa to work must first apply to the South African High Commission/Embassy where they are living. They will be able to provide information on what is required for a work permit.