COVID-19: New Zealanders in Canada - Frequently Asked Questions

Please read the following for responses to frequently asked questions about the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation.

Q: We want to travel back to New Zealand. Can the High Commission offer any support?

If you wish to return to New Zealand you should contact your preferred airline or travel agent and make arrangements to fly back to New Zealand. The High Commission is not able to assist with travel arrangements. You are required to book a space in MIQ.

Should you require emergency consular support, please call +64 99 20 20 20 (if not in New Zealand).

Q: Do I have to self-isolate in New Zealand? What is MIQ?

Managed Isolation Quarantine (MIQ) is a critical part of keeping COVID-19 out of New Zealand. Everyone returning to New Zealand must undertake at least 14 days of MIQ. This requirement has been set because it allows time to test people for COVID-19 and identify any cases before people enter the community. Travellers are legally required to have a voucher confirming their place in managed isolation before boarding their flight. For more information on MIQ, please visit: link)

Q: Can I be exempt from MIQ?

There are very few circumstances where an exemption for exceptional circumstances will be granted. To find more information about exemptions and how to apply, please visit: link)

Q: Is there a place I can find information from New Zealand on COVID-19?

Yes. The New Zealand government launched a website on 18 March 2020 for all COVID-19 related information: link)(external link)  

Q: I am a New Zealander on a working holiday (IEC) visa in Canada and do not wish to leave Canada at this time, am I allowed to stay for the time being?

Should you wish to remain, we advise all New Zealanders to follow the advice of local health authorities (please see below). For any questions regarding your Canadian visa and possible extensions, please contact Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada: link)

Q: I am on a working holiday (IEC) visa in Canada, but want to extend it due to COVID-19. Can I do that?

Please contact the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada regarding questions about your Canadian visa. You can find more information about IEC visas in Canada here: link)

Q: I am a New Zealander currently on working holiday visa in Canada, but am travelling in a third country at the moment.  Will I be able to get back into Canada or will I be forced to return to New Zealand?

Questions regarding IEC visas can be found on the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada’s website here: link)

Q: I am a New Zealander currently living in Canada. Am I still able to travel domestically within Canada, despite the ongoing coronavirus situation?

Should you wish to stay in Canada, we recommend that you follow the advice of local health authorities in whatever area you reside and that you stay up to date on their advice, as the situation is evolving quickly. A list of provincial and territorial health authorities can be found below.

Q: I need to fly back to New Zealand, but my passport is close to expiration/expired. What do I do?

Please consult Immigration NZ who look after passports, regarding emergency passports or travel documents: link)(external link)

Q: What evidence do I need to provide at the airport to prove I am the family member of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident in order to return to Canada?

For details regarding Canadian border closures and requirements for travellers, please see the Canadian Government’s advice at link)(external link)

List of federal, provincial and territorial health authorities:

Canada(external link)

British Columbia(external link)

Alberta(external link)

Saskatchewan(external link)

Manitoba(external link)

Ontario(external link)

Quebec(external link)

Newfoundland(external link)

New Brunswick(external link)

Nova Scotia(external link)

Prince Edward Island(external link)

Nunavut(external link)

Northwest Territories(external link)

Yukon(external link)


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