Driving in Korea

The NZ Transport Agency provides general information for New Zealanders driving overseas(external link).

Most classes of New Zealand drivers licence can be converted to the equivalent Korean driver licence without sitting a test. Please refer to the Korea Road Traffic Authority(external link) website for information on how to exchange your licence. The application process requires several documents, including a certified copy of your licence(external link) which can be obtained from the Embassy in Seoul.

In order to have your licence certified at the Embassy, you will need to obtain a verification (Certificate of Particulars(external link)) from the NZ Transport Agency. You will need to provide your full name, address on the licence, date of birth and licence number. Fees apply. You can apply to the NZ Transport Agency by phone, e-mail, or mail, using the contact details on their website(external link). Phone is recommended. From overseas call +64 6 953 6200.

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