About Kiribati

Kiribati is a republic comprising 32 coral atolls and one raised coral island stretched along the equator in the Central Pacific.

It is home to around 116,300 people and also the South Pacific's largest marine reserve. Kiribati is low lying and as a result extremely vulnerable to the effects of climate change including rising sea levels and the challenges associated with salt water inundation of fresh water supplies.

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New Zealand and Kiribati have a strong relationship based on our geography and shared development interests. As a significant contributor to Kiribati’s social and economic development, and one of a select few countries with a fully-staffed resident diplomatic mission in Tarawa, New Zealand has a high level of impact in Kiribati.

In recent years, our foreign policy engagement has increased significantly as a result of Kiribati’s emergence as a leading voice within the Pacific on climate change issues and its increasing profile on regional and international issues of importance to New Zealand, such as regional fisheries management and conservation.


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