Money transfer

If a New Zealander is short of funds, they can have money transferred to them in a number of ways.

Western Union

Western Union is a reliable and very quick way to transfer small sums of money to travellers in need. For a fee, deposits can be uplifted around the world in as quick as 30 minutes. There are a large number of Western Union agents in New Zealand

A full list of agencies is available on the Western Union website(external link).

If a family member is in New Zealand, they can also find the closest Western Union agency by calling toll free to New Zealand Post (0800 005 253) or Travelex (0800 748 000).


The sender deposits cash with a Western Union agency in New Zealand (or elsewhere). The sender completes a deposit form that clearly states who will receive the money and where. They will be supplied with a Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN).

The receiver can uplift funds from a Western Union agency by completing a receiver form stating the Money Transfer Control Number.

If the receiver does not have a Passport, the sender must inform the Western Union agency at the time of the deposit, and suggest a "test question" to confirm the identity of the receiver, in addition to the MTCN.

The main agency for Western Union in Vanuatu is Vanuatu Post.

Bank Transfer

This process can take at least 2 days, and in many cases, several weeks. Most major banks in Vanuatu will allow money transfers for a fee. Please contact the individual bank for further information.


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