Leaving New Zealand may affect your student loan, whether you’re taking a short trip, doing your OE, studying abroad, or moving overseas permanently.

It depends how long you're away for

Up to 6 months

People away from New Zealand for up to 6 months are usually considered to be New Zealand-based borrowers, and are still entitled to an interest-free student loan.

More than 6 months

People away from New Zealand for more than 6 months are charged interest on their student loan. They may be allowed a repayment holiday of up to 3 years. But interest will continue to be charged on their loan, so it’s a good idea to make voluntary repayments.

More information

Visit the Inland Revenue website (external link) to find out:

  • what you need to do before leaving
  • what your repayment obligations are
  • interest charges
  • how to make repayments.

Or if you're already based overseas, find out what to do if you plan to return to New Zealand.