The 2020 General Election will be held in New Zealand on 17 October along with the End of Life Choice and Cannabis referendums. Overseas voting will be possible from Wednesday 30 September.

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The 2020 General Election will be held in New Zealand on 17 October along with the End of Life Choice and Cannabis referendums. Overseas voting will be possible from today, Wednesday 30 September. 

The New Zealand Electoral Commission manages voting in New Zealand’s elections. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, voting from overseas will be different from past years.


Enrolling to vote

Firstly, to ensure you’re able to vote you need to check you are eligible, you have enrolled, and your details are correct. You can enrol or update your details here (external link).  

How to vote

Please note that your voting papers will not be automatically sent to you overseas.  

Due to current COVID-19 restrictions in Germany, the Embassy will be offering limited service, which means that you will not be able to come to vote in person to the Embassy in Berlin but you are able to ask questions and post or request papers from the Embassy staff. The New Zealand Consulate-General in Hamburg is offering support services only, meaning they can take calls on any questions but they will not be offering postal services and you cannot vote in person.  

There are two options for eligible voters overseas:

Download, Print & Upload

The easiest, safest and quickest way to receive your voting papers is to download them from the Electoral Commission website (external link), and print them, from today, Wednesday 30 September. If you do not have access to a printer at home, other options may be to access a printer at a print shop or place of work if applicable.

When you have completed your voting papers, you can photograph, scan or fax them, they must be uploaded or faxed by 7pm New Zealand time on Saturday 17 October. You will receive a confirmation that your papers have been uploaded.  

If you are unable to upload your papers, you can post them to the New Zealand Embassy in Berlin if necessary - the completed voting papers must be received at the Embassy by 4pm local time on Friday 16 October.

The New Zealand Embassy's postal address is:

Overseas Issuing Officer
New Zealand Embassy
Atrium 4th Floor
Friedrichstraße 60
10117 Berlin

Further details are on the Electoral Commission website

Postal Voting

If you are not able to vote using the download and print process, you can apply for a postal vote by emailing the New Zealand Embassy with the following information:

  • Full name
  • New Zealand address where you are enrolled to vote
  • Your German postal address where you want your voting papers to be sent in the mail
  • Whether you are registered for the General Roll or Māori Roll.  

Once you have provided this information, we can process your application and send you the postal voting papers. We will not complete an enrolment check and it is important that you check that your details are up to date. You can enrol, check or update your details online by visiting It is important that the New Zealand address you provide for your postal vote application is the same as the address your enrolled New Zealand address otherwise your vote may not count. Please note the New Zealand Consulate in Hamburg is not providing postal services, you must send your papers to Berlin.  

For further information or assistance the best way to contact the New Zealand Embassy in Berlin on You can send an email, provide us your phone number, and request a call-back.