Emergency telephone numbers

  • Police - 997
  • Fire brigade - 998
  • Ambulance - 999
  • Mobile phone emergency number - 112
  • Road assistance - 981

Getting married in Poland

A foreigner wishing to marry a Polish citizen on Polish territory requires the following documents:

  • Birth certificate – Must be translated by a sworn translator (Polish authorities require that the sworn translation is issued within 3 months of presenting)
  • Certificate of No Impediment – this should include the following information:
    Full name, Date of birth, Address, Marital status, Father’s full name, Mothers full name and her maiden name
  • Passport
  • Certificate of Registration (for permanent residents)
  • If you do not speak Polish , a sworn translator MUST be present during the wedding ceremony

The New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs website has a useful section about getting married overseas (external link).

New Zealand's global Kea network


Download the KEA app below

New Zealand’s global network Kea (external link) has a new app that makes it easier for the 1 million Kiwis living offshore to connect with home and each other using their mobile device.
The Kea app is free and can be downloaded from The App Store or Google Play. A Kea account can be set up using Facebook or LinkedIn. The app works on iOS, Android and iPads.
By downloading the app users can:

  • Find and message Kiwis near them from anywhere in the world
  • See the location and occupation of other Kiwis using the app
  • Market or find Kiwi businesses, events and products offshore
  • Search for New Zealanders, organisations and events in any country

It is easy to create a listing using either the Kea App or keanewzealand.com. Hundreds of events and businesses are listed already, making the Kea App a directory of everything New Zealand overseas.

The app can be just as useful in New Zealand, especially for those who travel offshore and want to establish a contacts list before they leave.