This page outlines the conditions and eligibility requirements for the 2020 Trooping the Colour ballot.

Conditions and Eligibility for the 2020 Trooping the Colour ballot

Application process and eligibility

  • Applications can only be made through the New Zealand High Commission website via this online form.
  • The principal applicant must be a New Zealand citizen with a current New Zealand passport.
  • Guests of the principal applicant may be of any nationality.  They must also have a current passport.
  • Any children attending must have a ticket and occupy an individual seat.  (Please note this event is not suitable for babies or young children.)
  • You can apply for one parade only – either The Colonel’s Review or Trooping the Colour.
  • You cannot apply if you have attended Trooping the Colour previously – either as a principal applicant or as a guest.  You may apply for Trooping the Colour if you have previously attended The Colonel’s Review.
  • The proposed guest cannot apply separately as a principal applicant.
  • Please note:  The High Commission checks against previous attendance records.  If you are found to have attended Trooping the Colour previously, all your applications will be automatically deleted including for your guests.   
  • You must supply a valid email address for notifications as successful applicants will be advised by email only.  Please also monitor your “junk email” folder.
  • If you are unsure you will be able to attend, do NOT apply.  If you are allocated a ticket and cannot attend you will be unable to apply in the future.

Payment and ticketing

  • Payment will be made directly to the Household Division via an electronic ticketing system.  Details will be provided to successful applicants.   
  • Upon receipt of payment, tickets will be emailed as a PDF attachment from Household Division and will need to be printed and taken to the event.  
  • The deadline for accessing the electronic ticketing system will be Wednesday 15 April UK time.
  • Tickets are strictly non-transferable once they have been allocated and paid for.  If you or your guest is unable to attend, no one else can use the ticket, or go in your or your guest’s place.  
  • No money can be refunded if the ceremony is cancelled for reasons beyond the control of the organiser. Please note the New Zealand High Commission is not the organiser of this event.

Security and Dress Code

  • In addition to your ticket, you will be required to take valid government issued identification with you to the parade.  For example, passport, photo driving licence, credit card with photo, or armed forces ID card.  You will need to produce this ID if requested.
  • All names and addresses submitted must match each guest’s form of identification.  
  • All guests may be subject to search by the police and are requested not to bring hand luggage such as daypacks to the function.
  • The principal applicant will be responsible for the behaviour of their guest.
  • Dress Code Men: 

The Colonel’s Review – Lounge Suit or Jacket and Trousers.  No denim.
Trooping the Colour – Morning Dress, a lounge suit, or jacket and trousers.  Military personnel may wear ceremonial Day or other Service equivalent.  No denim.  
Hats are optional, but recommended especially in hot weather.

  • Dress Code Women:

Most women wear a smart day dress, skirt and top, or a trouser suit for the parades.
Military personnel may wear ceremonial Day or other Service equivalent.  No denim.
Hats are optional, but recommended especially in hot weather.


The Colonel’s Review: Saturday 6 June 2020
Salute taken by H.R.H The Prince of Wales, Regimental Colonel, Welsh Guards
Cost: £10 each ticket

Trooping the Colour: Saturday 13 June 2020
Salute taken by HM The Queen
Cost: £40 each ticket


By submitting an application, the principal applicant will solemnly and sincerely declare for themselves and, where applicable, on behalf of their guest that:

  • The principal applicant is a New Zealander with a current New Zealand passport
  • We have not previously attended Trooping the Colour (if applying for Trooping the Colour)
  • We agree to submit proof of citizenship if requested
  • We have been named in only one application for one parade
  • We understand that all applications are automatically checked and multiple applications will be deleted
  • We have checked this application and the information submitted is accurate
  • We will abide by all security guidelines and conditions as detailed on the tickets and as directed on the day
  • We will abide by the outcome of the random electronic ballot


By submitting an application the principal applicant and guest are consenting for personal information entered in this online form to be collected by the New Zealand High Commission and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) and held on a third party website for the purpose of application for the ballot for the 2020 Queen’s Birthday Parades and will only be used for the purposes related to, or arising from, this activity. The New Zealand High Commission and MFAT will store your personal information for an appropriate and minimum amount of time.  Checks may be done for the purpose of eligibility and security vetting.  

Successful applicants will pay Headquarters Household Division directly for their tickets.  Please note that all data provided to Headquarters Household Division is used and held in accordance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 2018 and also complies with the General Data Protection Regulations. (external link)

Ticket applications for both Queens’ Birthday Parades – The Colonel’s Review and Trooping the Colour – are closed.