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New Zealand and Mexico join deal to proceed with Trans-Pacific Partnership

 |  Mexico
Over the weekend ministers from the 11 Trans-Pacific Partnership countries reached agreement on the core elements of a modified “Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership” (CPTPP). The ministers were meeting in the margins of the APEC ministerial meetings in Da Nang, Viet Nam.

Mexico: 7.1 Magnitude Earthquake

A 7.1 magnitude earthquake has struck in the Mexican state of Puebla, with localised damage and some reports of damage in parts of Mexico City. New Zealanders in the affected area should follow the advice of the local authorities, and monitor local media for any developments.

2017 New Zealand General Election

 |  Africa, Antarctica, Caribbean, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, North America, North Asia, Pacific, South Asia, South East Asia  |  Australia
The General Election will be held on 23 September 2017. Voters who are overseas can vote from 6 September to 23 September.

Mt Albert by-election Saturday 25 February

 |  Africa, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, North America, North Asia, Pacific, South Asia, South East Asia  |  Australia
A by-election to elect a new Member of Parliament for the general electorate of Mt Albert will be held in New Zealand on Saturday 25 February 2017.

Prime Minister's Scholarships for Latin America

 |  Latin America  |  Chile
The new scholarship programme announced by the New Zealand government puts Latin America in a prominent position, promoting educational cooperation with the region.

TPP Bill introduced to Parliament

 |  Latin America  |  Chile
The bill amends New Zealand law as part of the implementation of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement.

Cuba: Problems accessing money

Travellers visiting Cuba often have difficulties accessing their money. Credit cards and travellers cheques are not widely accepted and the availability of ATMs to withdraw cash and money transfer services is limited.

Aid Investment Priorities – sharpening our focus

 |  Africa, Caribbean, Latin America, Pacific, South East Asia  |  Aid and development, Labour, Environment, Education, Agriculture, Humanitarian, Human rights, Climate change, Energy, Fisheries, Scholarships, Trade, Law and justice, Health, Tourism, Disaster response
The New Zealand Aid Programme investment priorities show how we will focus our aid over the next four years.