Customs requirements

The New Zealand Customs Service (external link) is the government agency with the job of protecting the New Zealand border. It has specific responsibilities for ensuring that all goods and persons entering and exiting New Zealand do so in accordance with New Zealand laws and regulations.

Their website provides information on:

  • Arriving in New Zealand
  • Importing goods (both personal and commercial)
  • Importing motor vehicles
  • Duty free allowances

Biosecurity at the border

Image of New Zealand ferns
Biosecurity - protecting our environment

The Ministry for Primary Industries (external link) is charged with leadership of the New Zealand biosecurity system. It encompasses facilitating international trade, protecting the health of New Zealanders and ensuring the welfare of our environment, flora and fauna, marine life and Maori resources.

The Personal Travellers section (external link) of the Ministry for Primary Industries website includes information on:

  • completing the passenger arrival card
  • what you must declare
  • sending your belongings to New Zealand
  • bringing your pet to New Zealand

Importation of Prescription medication

Information regarding the importation of medicines can be obtained from the New Zealand's medicines and medical devices safety authority (external link) (Medsafe) website.