Cross-agency forums increase the knowledge and capability of New Zealand agencies to engage with China.

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China Capable Cross Agency Forums are part of the CCPS programme which aims to build a China savvy public sector who can act in New Zealand and globally to keep New Zealand prosperous, safe and secure. 

The purpose of the cross-agency forums is to increase the knowledge and capability of New Zealand agencies to engage with China through collaboration, knowledge sharing, and problem solving on all matters relating to the New Zealand government’s relationship with China.

These forums provide the opportunity for agencies to leverage from one another, to identify opportunities and risks across the sector, and to develop solutions through a joined-up approach that considers broader political, economic, security, and cultural dimensions and deliver on New Zealand’s NZ Inc China Strategy 2020.

Previous forums

Engaging with China - The role of the Consulates-General (Dec 2016)

A knowledge-sharing forum to optimise your agency’s engagement with China.

The Consulate network helps New Zealand officials understand China’s relevance for New Zealand. New Zealand’s Consulate-General offices in Chengdu, Guangzhou and Shanghai are a valuable resource for government agencies.  They hold knowledge on the complexities of each region (covering more than 10 provinces) - the culture, economics, and value proposition for New Zealand in each jurisdiction.

This forum provided an opportunity for agency leads to talk to current Consuls-General about their agency’s plans to engage with China, and the services the Consulate network provides in making interactions with Chinese officials easier and more successful.

Download fact files for Consuls-General: Chengdu [PDF, 377 KB] | Guangzhou [PDF, 377 KB] | Shanghai [PDF, 408 KB]

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