Carl Worker

New Zealand Consul-General

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Carl Worker’s 37 year diplomatic career has focused on New Zealand’s relations with China, Hong Kong, the United States, Latin America, and Fiji.

A Mandarin speaker, he has been posted three times at the New Zealand Embassy in Beijing (Second SECRETARY, 1984-86; Deputy Head of Mission, 1992-94; Ambassador, 2009-15), and three times at the New Zealand Consulate-General in Hong Kong (Language Trainee, 1983-84; Consul-General, 1994-98; Consul-General, since August 2017).

Prior to his current Hong Kong appointment, Carl Worker served concurrently as Principal Business Adviser of the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) and New Zealand Ambassador for Counter-Terrorism. From Jun-Dec 2015, he was assigned as Acting Head of Mission in Washington DC following an almost six year term as Ambassador in Beijing.

Carl Worker’s earlier roles included Director of MFAT Americas Division (2006-08), Ambassador to Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay (2001-06), Director of MFAT Personnel Division (1998-2001), Deputy Head of Mission in Suva (1989-92), and Private Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs (1988-89).

Carl Worker studied at Auckland and Oxford Universities. He is married with four children.